Damn! Another Week Has Gone By?

Where does the time go? Seems like one minute it’s a week earlier then, BOOM, it’s today with lots of blurry time between the two.

What have I been doing? Who The Hell Knows? Time seems to run differently when I’m stuck around the house. One day I do dishes; next day laundry; next day dishes and laundry. I think I vacuumed somewhere in there one day. Keeping the fire going when it’s cool and sweating our asses off when it’s not but I have to keep the fire going anyway cause it will get cool.

Wait! I did take Phillip & Matthew out to the property to cut up some wood and bring it back to Phillip’s place this past Wednesday. Was nice being out there even if it was cool weather wise. We cut up a truck full was all. (Well, not the whole truck. Just the bed of the truck. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had any place to sit on the way back.)

GADS! I’m boring!

Still watching Smallville. This weeks episode was pretty good (Jimmy hunting the D0-Googer) but Chloe purposely killing that other guy kind of freaked me out. Bummer!

GADS! I’m Boring!


I had to go through my Subscribers list and kill off the obvious Spammer-assholes. Most of them seem to have G-Mail addresses so I just killed off everyone with a G-Mail address. It’s not like I’ve heard from a lot of them anyway.

Oh, my back seems to be doing better. Or is it just stuff I had going on with my leg? Anywho, since SWMBO bought me this new chair and I’m not resting my right leg against the support for the armrest I’m not having as much trouble with the numbness/burning around the house. Mostly now it only happens when I walk too long.

Stopped by the church today and donated another pint of blood. Figured it was the least I could do as I don’t pay tithing or anything. :grin: No, really. The Bloodmobile was there today and I almost always donate a pint of blood when they come around. Got a replacement 10 gallon pin for my new hat. (Accidently burned the last one up.) I don’t know that I’ll be donating anymore as they’re going to change things and make the paperwork even more invasive and time-consuming.

SWMBO took me to Baco Tell for dinner. It’s not real Mexican but I like it. Best part is her company though. We’ve been married 22 years this coming December. Wow! Now I’m sitting in the living room doing this and watching scary movies. It is Halloween! Thank Goodness we don’t have to worry about Trick-or-Treaters out here! We lived in our old house 11 years and had only one (1) stop by and here for 3 years and had one 2 years ago. I like that. But I’m old.

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