Busy Busy Busy!

And tired! But let me tell you what I’ve been up to…

Thursday: Rented a wood splitter at Premiere Rentals in Port Orchard about 1100 and got it home. Bob & Marge (friends from across the street) came up and helped me split and stack about 1.5 cords of wood. Poor Marge stacked the wood a bit off kilter and a couple of rows of wood fell over on her. She was bruised but okay! After doing my wood we took the splitter to their house and split about 1/2 a cord of wood before we just plain gave up for the night. You talk about Sore & Tired!

Friday: Got up at 1630 and over to Bob & Marge’s by 0730. We split a couple of cords of wood between 0730 & 1000 when I had to load the splitter into the back of my truck to get it back to Premiere Rentals before 1100. Even SWMBO came down to help! After dropping the splitter off (and taking a walk-around of a dozer they have for rent) SWMBO and I went out for breakfast at the FHP in Port Orchard. Made our regular Albertson’s stop on the way home. Was going to go to the property and figure out how I’d utilize that dozer if I rented it but wound up staying home and getting some things done that I’ve been meaning to do. Damned Sci-Fi Channel STILL hasn’t shown the next episode of Battlestar Galactica! It’s only been 5 or 6 weeks so far. What the Hell is wrong with them?

Saturday: Did go out to the property and moved some brush into a burn pile and stacked the rest of the trees that have been cut to length for selling. That took most of the day. Was nice out there once the clouds burned off! Joined Google’s Adsense program and played with getting that working.

Today: First Sunday of the month so I didn’t go to church. Got out to the property by noon and took almost 4 hours moving the cut trees to the bottom of the hill and stacking them there. My digger moves at two speeds: slow and twice as fast as slow. Which is still slow. Damned fine day once the clouds pretty much burned off. I like it up there!

Just fixing up my stanking.net (Our New Home) site trying to make it prettier. Checked SWMBO’s laptop out as to why the sound isn’t working (can you say FN & Speaker buttons somehow got pressed at the same time?). Listening to Dirty Jobs: Jobs That Bite and browsing the forums at DVDVideoSoft. I’m sure they’re getting to where they hate seeing me log on! :grin:


Just want to say that the employees at Premiere Rentals in Port Orchard have always been helpful and courteous when I’ve done business with them.

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