Wow! It’s The 24th Already!?

Sunday I didn’t do a damned thing! I HATE waking up with a migraine headache. Ruins my whole day.Hope all y’all had a great Easter though!

Ray the contractor woke me up at 0700 this morning wanting to meet and go over his proposal. So I got up, SSS’d and took off for the Family Pancake House in Port Orchard to meet him. I already had breakfast eaten before he showed up. His bottom line: $455k. Phew! So we started going over it. I cut out $48.6k before we left (2 hours later) with things we weren’t going to do or that I knew I could get cheaper. $410k is still a LOT of money though. Now we wait to see what the other contractor comes in at. And both of them still have to deal with SWMBO!!

Trees (00-00-15.933)

These are some trees that hang over the road on the way back from the property. I just know they’re waiting until I’m not paying attention before they fall across the road in front of me. Or on me!

MOV00D (00-03-07.933)

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