It’s Friday? Already?

Started to make a comment on how Weather Persons on TV are the only people I know that can be wrong a majority of the time, blame an unseeable force (atmosphere) and still get paid a decent salary for it, when my computer rebooted and I lost my hard drive for awhile. Seems my ’dock’ may be going bad cause the drive works when I plug it in by itself. Hmmmm.

Commercial says: A lawyer will fight to get you money. Well, Duh! But don’t be fooled, folks. He ain’t fighting to get YOU money. I believe Shakespeare had it right…

SWMBO took me out for breakfast at the FHP in Port Orchard. Was good! Then we went and walked the mall in Silverdale until it was time for our appointment with the lady at the bank. Waste of time. They can only help us with $240-280k and we need at least $350k. Damn. Back to the figuring board.

Oh, speaking of weather persons; it finally did start snowing here in Olalla. When SWMBO and I took off for breakfast it was raining here in the valley, but 50 up (in elevation) it was snowing pretty good. Then rain in the next valley, snow atop the next hill, and rain on the freeway. It didn’t really start snowing in Port Orchard until we were about half way through breakfast. Cool! Seems like this will be one of those colder summers…

Mark the Contractor stopped by to give us his numbers. Not counting the dome, well, electric (PUD3) and a couple of other things he wants $155k. Which for what he will do doesn’t seem to bad. So the ball park figure for our dome stands at $360k. Still Phew! but not as Phew! as $450k.

Bought a 22’ widescreen monitor from friend Bob across the street last night. It’s nice but until I got the resolution set right everything was WIDESCREEN. Ugh! But ramping up the resolution seems to have brought everything back to the correct aspect ratio. Monitors pretty good for watching movies at my desk but not that great just for computing. Nice to have room to do something on one side and fly somewhere in FltSim 2002 on the other though…


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