Remember: Those Who Steal The Fleece Must Die!

So, I keep a section on my gallery for people I’d like to get back in touch with for one reason or another. It worked! Last night I get a call from Ronald J. Johnston, whom I haven’t seen or talked to in about 19 years. Cool! We talked for hours! Cool! Sounds like he’s doing well. He’s even sent me an e-mail with corrections to some Java script I had that was keeping folks stuck using IE from seeing my page. Cool! Keep in touch, Ron!!!

Not much else going on. Nice day so I went out to the property. Duh! Moved dirt around for only an hour (or so) cause I still have that damned hydraulic leak. Gonna have to replace that damned hose. But I’m not doing it today.

SWMBO is interested in a Toyota 4-Runner for sale at our local mechanic’s shop. Had a complete new motor put in it. She’s going to need a 4-wheel or all-wheel vehicle when we move out to the property. It snows a bit more up there than it does here and the road can be dangerous. 4-Runner has a big ding on the upper back and the glass is missing. And they want $2500, which really isn’t too bad. We’ll see what happens.

She took me to Outback for our date last night. Had a really good fish dinner. Then we made our usual Albertson’s stop on the way home. Talked some last night about buying a new television. I was thinking of getting a projector tv BUT talking to the salesman at the store (way earlier) he mentioned that the bulb is good for only 100 hours or so. That means that I’d be replacing a bulb every couple of weeks the way the tv runs all the time around here. Then there’s that new laser projector that’s been invented that they’re going to be putting in our cell phones and things like that this next year. If that thing would give me good enough resolution for a 6ft screen I’d wait for those to come out. That would be a couple of years from now. Hmmm. So maybe we’ll go out looking at large flat panel tv’s and see what’s out there. Will have to replace the tv by next year anyway. Avoid the rush, I say!

Jason & The Argonauts (1966) (01-38-59.239)

The Media Center I put together is working pretty good. Can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner. It’s nice to be able to scroll through my movies or tv shows, see what I feel like watching, click on it and watch it on tv. Cool. You’re probably asking yourself “Why?” Well, shelf space in the new dome (IF we ever get it built) will be at a premium and I don’t want to take up a bunch of space storing DVD’s. We have too many books for that! Now I just have to re-rip 6 seasons of Smallville into 720p format so it’ll look good on our new tv (if we get one).

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