Possible Security Threat To Our Computers?

So, I downloaded and installed a program called PeerGuardian2. It helps block unwanted traffic on your computer from the Internet. It listed a whole bunch of TCP/UDP addresses it was blocking from my computer to the net. One of those being from a site called So I went to their site and got their IT e-mail address and e-mailed them to ask WHY my computer is trying to contact their computer? What could I have installed to make this come about? Well, their answer was:

Do you have a site ID or are you a valid contact with SAVVIS?
We would need this information to open a case for you.

Any sort of issue that you may be having will have to be addressed by
your ISP. We can only address issues for our customers that have a
valid site ID and are a valid company contact.

Thank you,
Adam Gray
Service Request Analyst
Built To Respond

So I guess their “Built To Respond” is a load of crap. Maybe they ought to change their motto to “Built To Respond Only If You’re A Member In Good Standing Meaning That You’ve Paid Your IT Bill On Time.” Well, technically they DID respond; but they were absolutely NO help. I guess I’m left with no choice but to report them to any agency I can as being possible hackers, spammers or Data-Miners. Something on my computer IS trying to contact their servers/site and I’d like to know what and why. Their “We can only address issues for our customers that have a valid site ID and are a valid company contact.” means to me that they aren’t concerned that they may be a possible security threat to my computer (or yours) because we haven’t paid their fee.

And, just to let you know: I sent off e-mails to half a dozen companies/sites asking why PeerGuardian2 was blocking my computer from contacting theirs. Meaning: why my computer was trying to contact their company/site at all and what could I have installed that makes my computer try to contact theirs? What kind of information were they trying to get? So far SAVVIS is the only response (such as it is).

Anyone have any ideas?

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