I’m Back! (Been SICK.)

Think I caught the flu or ate some bad food or something. Spent all day Tuesday “on the throne” (if you know what I mean). And I really do mean all day. Think I lost 10 pounds! Got up Wednesday and didn’t feel too bad but not really hungry. Forced myself to eat some cereal anyway and took off for the property. Hadn’t reached Hwy 16 and I was cramping so bad I just turned around and came back home. Fell asleep on the couch at 1200 and didn’t wake up until 1530. Went back to sleep about 1700 and woke up about 2020. Phew! Still wasn’t feeling too good so I just lazed around until 2300 when I layed down to read awhile. Well, about 0130 I was tired enough to actually go back to sleep. So I did!

Felt MUCH better when I woke up at 0700. The sky to the east was blue and pink so I set my camera up to video some of it. Made a run to Home Depot and bought a new towel rack for my bathroom and put that in. (When I got back, of course.) Ate a small bowl of cereal and didn’t feel too bad. Took SWMBO to Albertson’s for some soup makings and we wound up doing our regular weekly shopping. I’m making Polish Sausage & Potato soup for a church dinner tomorrow night.

Finally got out to the property for a couple of hours of moving dirt/mud around. Was really nice out there! Kind of cool but not freezing, thank goodness. I am damned sick and tired of the cold! Got back and made hotdogs for dinner. Was good. Just waiting for Smallville to come on now…

Sunrise (00-00-00.000)

Smallville Was Cool!

Put up another video. The Colorful Sunrise we had this morning.

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