Finally Got Out To The Property…

But had to take the long "back" way to do it. Even had to go about 4 miles on a slippery wet dirt road. Got to the property and could not believe the amount of damage running water has done to the road and the dome hole! I am going to have to redo almost everything I’ve done to date. Damn! Took a lot of pictures of the property and the washed out Tahuya River Bridge and they are posted on my gallery site (link at right then under "Property Pictures"). There are washouts and "Runnel’s?" down the whole length of the road. The two catch basins I had to put in are full of mud. I mean FULL of mud. One you can hardly tell there was a hole there before the storm. Major water is still running out of the dome hole. I’m going to have to figure out and install a completely new drainage system with lots of gravel to try and direct the water to where it won’t do any harm. Hmmm…

Then I had to take the same way back that I went in on. Was kind of a nice drive really. Got home just in time to help the Plumber dig up the drainage pipe for our toilet so he could run a snake through it. The pipe was blocked by roots. Thank Goodness! If it had been blocked by something WE did we would have had to pay the $300 the job cost. But since it was blocked by roots the landlord was responsible for it. Phew!

Our new "Sleep Number" bed came by delivery today also. So after the Plumber left I got to drain and mostly disassemble our waterbed and install the Sleep Number bed into the frame. Only took a couple of hours. :grin: Hope it helps me get a better nights sleep! I’ve been sleeping on a waterbed for the last 30 years (or so) and this is really going to be different for me. I doubt it can be any worse than sleeping in the sand or on a concrete floor like we did in Desert Shield/Storm. :-P

Smallville was a rerun. Again!

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