Saw My First Galaxy Last Night!

No, not the old car! Finally saw another Galaxy with my telescope last night. No, I can’t tell you which one it is; I’m barely able to tell what direction I’m looking! It was kinda sorta north east when I first saw it. Still blurry/hazy but it was definitely another Galaxy. Cool! Sure will be glad when we get moved into our dome and out in the dark so I can maybe see more things. In all the shows I’ve watched where they show a galaxy, the center is always a bright ball of light. My question is: Why can’t we see this light from the center of our own Galaxy? We pointed the wrong way or something? Even if it is thousands of light years away; it’s had thousands of years to reach us. Especially if the center of our Galaxy is as large and bright as the others I’ve been shown. Hmmm…

The New Bionic Woman

Other than that: not much going on. Downloaded and watched the first 5 episodes of the new Bionic Woman. Cool show. I like how they have Katie Sakoff(?) (Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica) playing the (failed) prototype. And when you listen to the program with earphones on the sound is pretty neat.

Guess I’ll clean up around the house. Dishes need to be done!:???: And it’s a really nice day out too. Damn. If I had my digger up at the property I’d head on up and move some dirt around or burn some slash or something. But, then, the way it works around here; if I had my digger up at the property it’d be raining like crazy today! Ah, life in Warshington…

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