Sold My Dozer…

Yep, got it all fixed up and have had it sitting our front; was planning to take it back out to the property. Can’t think of too many jobs to do with it though. Nothing I can’t do with a mini-excavator. So, I put an ad up on craig’s List and a couple of days later a guy (Mike) calls me from Hillsborough, Oregon: He wants to come up and see it. So he drives up and spends about half an hour saying “What a brute!” and “I love it!”. But he had to talk his wife into it first….<G> He called back yesterday willing to meet my price and has already sent a bank check in the mail. Cool! It’s a great little dozer and I’ve done a LOT of work with it; but I really don’t have much more use for it.

So now I’m out looking for a mini-excavator….

Spent this afternoon and evening canning my annual supply of home made chili. SWMBO and I really like my chili so once a year or so I can 30-40 pint jars of it for those times we don’t feel like cooking and want something quick and easy. So we pop the top on a pint of chili, micronuke it for 2 minutes and we have dinner. Unfortunately SWMBO mixes hers with Spaghetti!

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