Testing E-Mail Posting

What a great day out at the property! Spent about 5 hours moving dirt
around and getting things done. Cool!
Got home kind of late so I took SWMBO out to all you can eat pizza at
Fodgothers Pizza. Was okay. Best part was being out with her!

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What A Week Or So!

Pretty much been out at the property when I could be moving dirt or burn pile or whatever. I am really enjoying that digger I bought! It’s pretty easy to forget the time when I’m out there accomplishing something. Especially with the weather being as nice as it has been. We even had a couple of days where it got over 70 degrees!

Was feeling pretty poorly yesterday. Had half the symptoms of West Nile Virus. Mostly just layed on the couch and listened to the tv ALL damned day. Doing somewhat better today. I figured out what to put on my tombstone though: FINALLY THE DAMNED HEADACHES ARE GONE FOR GOOD!

Just Playing Around

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