Really Not Much Going On Lately…

Still going out to the property most everyday and either cutting up wood and bringing it home or moving dirt. Trying to make where I want the outbuilding bigger. Rained the other day so I stayed home and re-stacked the wood in our ‘wood shed’. Have room now for the ‘new’ wood. Now to rent a log splitter…

Want to go see the latest Bourne movie. Maybe Friday night. Red Lobster sounds good too! Read the “Bourne Identity” and am reading the “Bourne Supremacy”. Except for an ‘agent’ that’s lost his memory the books are nothing like the movies. And I think I like the movies better. Too much whining I can’t remember this or I can’t remember that in the books. The books are interesting. But not as interesting as the movies.


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Finally! The Damned Rain Has Stopped…

And we’re moving back to warm (GOOD) weather! I’ve still been going out to the property most every day and cutting a load of firewood and bringing it back here. About got enough to justify renting a log splitter.

SWMBO took me to the mall in Silverdale today to pick up her Harry Potter book. We tried out some of the Select Comfort beds also as we’re planning to switch beds when we move in to the dome. Been sleeping on a waterbed since 1971 (with FEW exceptions) but am ready to move to something else. Something a bit more comfortable maybe….

Took a couple of days a scanned over 300 of my pictures and will be straightening those up and uploading them to my gallery. Spent the last couple of days ripping my (legal!) cd’s to mp3’s.


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