Another Saturday Pretty Much Done…

Pretty normal Saturday for me. Got up early. Went out to the property after SWMBO left for the Genealogy Library. Cut some wood. Loaded it into the truck. Brought it home when I was ready to leave. NICE day! Warm enough for me to take all my clothes off and move some dirt and lay out for awhile. Trying to even out my strange tan! Only top parts of me get tanned ’cause I spend all my time on the digger. Have to get the rest of me tanned before winter (in about 2 weeks!) drops in and it gets too cold to get out.

Just working around the house this evening. Took SWMBO out to dinner so I have only the last several nights dishes to do. Done. Laundry. Done. Listening to "Dirty Jobs" and playing with my Linux virtual drives and still ripping our CD’s. SWMBO said today that she really likes having all her music as mp3 files on one drive. Cool! I really do like making her happy.

And that’s about it. I lead such a boring life!

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We Went To Bowling & Breakfast this morning…

And I actually won a couple of games. Actually, using the 12lb ball, I had the two best scores since we re-started bowling. Was really hungry by the 3rd game and didn’t do so well for that one. Breakfast at the Family Pancake House was pretty good!

Stopped and bought some bedding for the travel trailer we have out back so Robert (SWMBO’s Brother, who’s going to stay with us for awhile) won’t have to sleep on the bare bed. Bought myself a new joystick also; since I’ve worn the old one out "playing" X-Plane or FSX. AND the darn thing was about 5 years old. The new joystick has the same amount of buttons but the damned thing ’twists’ also. Cool!

Went out to the property and cut up a load of wood. Started raining just as I put the last piece in the back of the truck. Saw a thing on the news this morning where Climatologists predict a colder, wetter winter this year. I HOPE NOT!! At least until AFTER we get the dome up. Then I don’t care. Everything will be inside then.

Ah well…

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