Not Sure What It Is…

But, right now, at 2333 it’s directly overhead. It’s like a smudge of light or a little almost round spot of light in the sky. Maybe a globular cluster of stars? I don’t know. I’ve been checking it out with my binoculars. Too cold to take the time to set up my telescope right now. It’s kind of cool looking though. If it’s not raining tomorrow night I’ll set up the telescope and check it out. IF I can find it again!

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My landlord, Virgil, had a job for me yesterday so we loaded my digger on his trailer and hauled it to way out in the back country. Spent a couple of hours clearing brush and making a flat spot for him to dig a well. Then spent about half an hour pulling brush out for the owner of the land to find the edge of his drop-off. Was fun. We were supposed to pick up the digger today but Virgil got busy with Little League and got home after dark (I guess). So my digger is still sitting out at in the middle of nowhere.
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Dang I’m Getting Old!

SWMBO ordered two of the ’beach’ movies that came out when we were kids. Watching the ’kids’ gyrate (dancing) and hearing that music we thought was so cool back then; it all looks and sounds really fake now. Sort of what the oldsters thought kids should be like back then. Now even the ’bad’ kids look clean enough to put in a church choir. Yeah, I know they were meant to be comedies, but, damn! I’m almost embarrassed for my generation…:-P

Smallville was pretty good tonight. Show’s getting kind of strange; but I like it. Lana’s turning into a real ’bad’ girl! Cool! They need to bring Ma Kent back! AND CLARK NEEDS TO LEARN TO FLY!!!!!


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