Fixed My Digger Today….

Didn’t feel too well yesterday so the entire day was pretty wasted. Scratchy, fuzzy throat and just feeling Blah. At least I waited until SWMBO’s day in the office to feel bad! :grin:

Felt a lot better today. The headache I’ve been waking up with wasn’t as bad this morning. I think I’m going to try sleeping on my foam pad on the floor tonight and see how I feel in the morning. I’d sure hate to think that, after 30 years, I’m getting too damned old to sleep on my waterbed. SWMBO bought a new bed and we’re waiting for it to get here in the mail. (UPS?) Sure hope it solves the problem!

Finally got off my butt and drove out to Belfair and bought a hydraulic hose for my Digger. That $100 I made the other day: $85 for the hose. At least I’m still $15 to the good! Got back home and it took me all of 10 minutes to get it put on and working good. And it does. So I PM’d the Digger and made sure everything else I can get to is tight. All the fluids are up to par and I greased all the fittings I could find. Probably not bad for not having a manual!
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Finally Got Paid!

For the job I did last Saturday. And we brought my digger back to the house. This is the first ’commercial’ job with the excavator. Cool! Only made $100 but it’s a start. For a retired Navy Corpsman that fixes computers for work I sure enjoy moving dirt. I’m really thinking about starting a company and doing trenches and brush clearing and minor site prep type work. I think one of the things I like about moving dirt is you can put your body in motion with about 10% of your mind paying attention (as long as your not moving somewhere) and just DIG. It’s kind of relaxing. Virgil says he’ll probably hire me when he needs a space flattened to install a well. Cool! But wouldn’t you know, one of the hoses to the thumb sprung a leak and I gotta replace it!

OTT, not much going on. My elbow is still swollen up and I think I’ll have to go to the Doc and have them aspirate it. Bummer!


Oh yeah! Set up my telescope last night and got a better look at that thing I was describing yesterday. Looks like a globular cluster of stars. ‘Cept there were thin high level clouds and I really couldn’t get my telescope to focus in on it. Will try again when there’s no clouds.

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