Haven’t Won The Mega-Lotto…

Yet! As far as I know. But I did get out to the property and (wait for it) Cut Up Some Wood to bring home and (More?) Moved Some Dirt. Nice day out there! Mostly sunny and fairly warm. My kind of weather!



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Just had a meeting with the contractors , Jeff & Ken. Phew! After going through almost anything you could think of for building a dome the total comes out to over $371k. Phew! I knew when we first started that $150k wasn’t going to be enough; but, damn! But when you stop and look at it, with the prices nowadays it’s really not that expensive. New stick homes (in our sizes) start at $250k around here. And that’s on a quarter-acre lot! If that! We got our 5.77 acres for just over $19k and the 5.1 acre property next door (unimproved. I mean Nothing on it! POSSIBLE Mt. Rainier view (in their wildest dreams!)) just went on the market for $150k.

So, the contractors are going to really finalize the numbers tomorrow then we’ll go for financing. The monthly payments are going to be a lot; but we’ll both work to pay it off as soon as we can. GOD, I NEED TO WIN THE MEGA-LOTTO!

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