Dang I’m Getting Old!

SWMBO ordered two of the ’beach’ movies that came out when we were kids. Watching the ’kids’ gyrate (dancing) and hearing that music we thought was so cool back then; it all looks and sounds really fake now. Sort of what the oldsters thought kids should be like back then. Now even the ’bad’ kids look clean enough to put in a church choir. Yeah, I know they were meant to be comedies, but, damn! I’m almost embarrassed for my generation…:-P

Smallville was pretty good tonight. Show’s getting kind of strange; but I like it. Lana’s turning into a real ’bad’ girl! Cool! They need to bring Ma Kent back! AND CLARK NEEDS TO LEARN TO FLY!!!!!


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Thursday? Already? Damn!

Got an e-mail from SWMBO with a statement from our Broker stating that we’d entered a trade on oil at 93 and it was now at 94.7 (or so) and the margin call on it was $14.5k. ??? Far as I know we haven’t made a trade in weeks! Called the broker and he said not to worry about it as it was a mistake. Someone else’s trade that somehow got put on our account. Too bad because if it had been our trade and we closed it out we’d have made $6700+! B-U-M-M-E-R!! But at least I don’t owe someone $14k! :grin:

Spent most of yesterday backing up my drives and moving wire around trying to make things a bit neater here in the living room. Just the backup of my data takes over 50 Gig. Think it’s about time for me to go through all that stuff and delete what I haven’t used for awhile.

Not much else going on today. Went and got a haircut. It’s nice and sunny outside. Landlord’s helper is putting rain gutters on the house. (Should have been done 25 years ago!) Just waiting for Smallville. Think we’ll have BLT’s and fries for dinner.

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