OMG! Another SSDD Weekend!

Yeup. Pretty much our usual weekend around here. Got to pick SWMBO up last friday at the QFC.

Saturday date went really well. She took me to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese place in pPort Ordhard before we spent too much money at COSTCO in Gig Harbor. But we really did (mostly) get just stuff we needed so I don’t feel bad about it.

Today was more of the same around here. Liberated most of the tomato’s (both sizes) and have them in paper sacks to ripen. Sun came out and it rained only once. Was almost nice out there. Almost t-shirt weather.

Mention that cause last Friday and Saturday it rained, fairly hard and steady, all day (both days). Seemed it was making up for the summer. But today there was only one 30-second downpour and zilch for the rest of the day. Cool!

NOT a whole lot gong on. Waiting for the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net. Something is going wrong with my 857d. If I hold down that lower left orange button to bring up what I call the “deep menu,” where you can change Tx Power, etc, the radio locks up and has to be disconnected from power to be able to do anything. And I mean anything. No idea what the hell is going on.

My reception sucked tonight! Lot’s of fading out and noise. Time to move my antenna’s to Winter Positions! Or get my damned tower up!

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I Really Really REALLY Hate

How, during the day when I’m doing something totally unimportant or mind-numbing, I can think of the perfect “headline” and beginning for this blog. Then, when it comes time (usually way later in the day or evening) I’ve totally forgotten everything. Had something neat to say; wonder what it was? I’m getting Old.

Ghostbusters (The Much Better Original One!)

Forgot that I haven’t posted since last Wednesday. Still, not a lot has happened that’s really “post worthy.” Got to pick SWMBO up at the QFC last Friday as usual.

Our date day was nice. She took me to Red Lobster where she had shrimp noodle stuff and I had Salmon with some kind of shrimp on it. Wasn’t bad. Can’t believe their prices though! Way too high for living right next to the ocean. $30 Each for a meal is on the high side of NOT. Yep, my days of Red Lobster may be over. I can buy a large bag of shrimp at Safeway for less than $20 and have the pleasure of eating at home.

Made a Pot Roast, using the Onion soup this time, and it turned out really tasty. Too tough to even pull apart with a fork (SWMBO had to use a knife) but tasty. The carrots were done to perfection; soft but not mushy. The taters were just right too. The meat sucked. Sucked. Maybe a better cut of meat would help next time?


Oh, the MCARC meeting at the new place went pretty good. About 12 of us showed up and we still had plenty of room. Nice. Fred (KG7WEQ) and Lance (W7LDE?) rode over (and back) with me. We also stopped by N7BAA’s in Hoodsport on the way back. Nice riding with those guys.

Anywho, that’s pretty much it. Wx has been crappy off and on for the past several days. Mostly sunny but not quite warm today. Dog and I take our walks nomatter.

At least the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Above average check-ins. Cool!

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