What A Wind Storm Yesterday!

mclintock1aIt was really gusting! My antenna’s were really bouncing around. Power flickered enough (here) to reboot my computer. (Then I’d leave it off for an hour, no flicker, restart, flicker, reboot. Times 3 or so. Frustrating.) Lots of reports of trees down, trees down on power lines and burning, couple of reports of trees down in power lines on houses burning. Butt-ton of road closures (still closed this morning).

On the drive to the Extra Class class last night the power was out from Belfair through Gorst on out to the edge of Gig Harbor. (This is the point where regular people would  say: The Airport was dark. All the houses were dark. The businesses were dark. There were no lights out there at all! because “the power was out from Belfair through Gorst out to the edge of Gig Harbor” wouldn’t include any of that.)


And, of course, I’m siting in the drive-through line at MacDonald’s in Gig Harbor and I get a text from SWMBO asking if I can pick her up as her son was stuck under a house in Olympia. Nope. Sorry. Tuesday is class night. Luckily she got a ride from one of her friends and he stopped by on the way back to his workplace and let her in the house. It worked out.

Our drainage pipes in the back yard finally overflowed yesterday afternoon so I have a 2” deep “river” running across the yard. That’ll last a couple of days since all the water from uphill of us still has to find it’s way down here.

But, it seems we weathered another storm without any great problems here; and that’s good. Antenna’s appear to have survived intact. All the computer’s seem to work. Freezer continues to freeze. Caravan is still intact. House is still intact. SWMBO is safe.

mclintock2aGot an e-mail from Amazon.com that my new NAS is supposed to be delivered today. Which I’ll believe when I see it. If it is delivered, that’ll be a month earlier than they last said it would be delivered. Which would be cool. Still later than I was originally told it would be, but, lot’s better than waiting until mid-December. I’d give them better marks for effort if it actually gets here today.

Well, got an e-mail from Amazon saying they tried delivery. I don’t know why they didn’t actually deliver it cause I was here all morning except for going to check mail; and I didn’t see any UPS trucks on the road to the mailbox and back. Ah well. Got to pick it up at the Post Office in town at noon so whatever. It’s been opened and inspected and everything seems to be there. Now to buy the drives for it!

And that was pretty much my day. Not really exciting, huh? Just an Old Guy hanging around the house after getting his usual chores done.

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Wet. Windy. Cold. Not Summer!


Not a whole lot going on. It is Wet, Windy, and Cold out there today. Made a trip to Safeway for some things (otherwise, why go?) and it was cold enough (34 degrees) to snow; but didn’t. Bummer. I’d rather see it snowing than raining any day. (That’s how long I’ve lived up here.)

Other than that just getting my usual chores done and waiting on the Insurance guy to come by and take a look at SWMBO’s car. Hope that goes well. Heard from SWMBO that the guy her son hit is claiming that he’s grievously injured. Sure, and my name’s Tinkerbell. Her son was moving a whopping 5 mph when he rear-ended the other car; I just don’t see how anyone can be “grievously” injured at 5 mph. But, that’s just me. Guess I worked too many accidents in my misspent youth.

And there is supposed to be another storm moving in with lots more wind. Oh, Joy. I have everything plugged in that can charge. Again. So far it’s just wet with occasional breezes.


And, I’m bored. If I didn’t have to be upstairs to watch for the Insurance guy I’d be downstairs (in the basement) straightening up and moving things around. Actually sick of sitting here in front of this computer right now. Thought about seeing how I could mess up the Raspberry Pi; but don’t even feel like doing that. All my chores are done. I’ve already kicked the Dog around some. Got dinner started and it’s only 1500. Sometimes being “retired” sucks. Not often, but sometimes.

b02aab02bbAh, the Insurance guy is here. It’s pouring down rain out there! Poor guy. He’s amazed at all the wire I’ve strung all over the place (antenna’s); especially the steel wire between the two tree’s on either side of the house. Hey, it all helps me to communicate!

Well, an hour later the GEICO guy is done. Estimated $3500 for repairs; of which we’re responsible for $500. Good thing Rent is coming due (from our Renter). Then it’ll take just over a week to get the repairs done; estimated. Of course, SWMBO’s Son will be paying us back. (That could take just short of forever.)

Heard the hacker group “Anonymous” declared war on ISIS. Hell, if they really wanted to do some good they’d declare war on Obama, find and release all his personal info that he had locked up before being elected President. Nice hearing some of the States telling Obama to pack sand on his immigration plans though. I feel kindlier towards my Ex- than I do Obama.

Anywho, that’s probably it for tonight. The rest of the evening will be spent listening to the (Ham) radio, puttering around the house, and chillin’. And waiting on the Tow for SWMBO’s car, of course.

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