I Could Go Crazy. Just Hang On A Second.

NC-002fWHAT THE HELL HAVE I BEEN DOING? No idea. Except that it has been raining so much that it’s difficult for me and the Dog to get out for any walks. We have. And SWMBO even joined us on a couple; but it ain’t been very often.

Matter of fact, it has rained so much around here that we’ve had a couple of minor landslides around the area. And NOAA is constantly sending out “updates” warning of the saturated ground and to be careful. Been thinking of getting a little “saturated” myself lately.

SWMBO had two (2!) days off for medical appointments; so that was nice. We really didn’t do a lot but I did take her to Taco Bell for a taco salad the first night. Easier than cooking dinner myself. And probably cheaper.

Also got off my lazy fat old ass and started replacing some of the base molding in the kitchen/dining area. That was fun! Had to kinda sorta repair my nail-gun thingie (that’s real technical talk there, folks) and drag my compressor upstairs; but got it NC-002gdone. SWMBO and stopped and got some white paint and filler stuff and she’s going (she says) to paint it all. (I won’t hold my breath.)

Took the easy way out and made myself a couple of “Roach Coach” style burrito’s for dinner. SWMBO had mentioned them the other night and I’ve had a hankering since. They was good.

Cool. Now we’re under a flood watch around here.

Dog and I picked SWMBO up at the QFC. We home. She’s eating and doing homework. Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit.

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Just Another Lazy Sunday. So Far.

66Blond05If you don’t count getting the laundry done, cooking dinner since SWMBO came back from Church not feeling well, taking the Dog for a couple of walks, and my usual other chores around the house, I didn’t get anything accomplished today! Lazy Turd!

Yesterday my Schweetie took me to Burger King for a whopper. It was good. Then we made our usual stop at Walmart; where we actually didn’t spend too much money this time. On food that is. I did stop by the Blu-Ray Bin and find 3 movies I got. She had homework to finish out so I fiddle-farted around in my room for the rest of the evening.

btkw32aNot a whole lot going on. Dinner’s done and dishes are in the washer. MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net is going on inthe background. (Had to go out and straighten up my antenna a bit. Reception was crappy until I did that.) Flew from LAX to MCAS Yuma and managed to land okay. (In X-Plane, in case you were wondering.)

Tried logging on for banking. Didn’t see any of my account info. FAQ says if one hasn’t logged in for 90 days your account will be locked and you have to call. I last logged in the end of Feb, so that looks like less than the 90 day limit. Couldn’t change my pwd either. Keeps telling me the one I put in isn’t correct. ??? Looks like I’ll be on the phone tomorrow.

I’m gonna go lay down and read a bit.

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