What A Week!

EuerkaSWMBO had been feeling bad over the weekend, and come Monday she called in sick for work. So I took her to Urgent Care at the Naval Hospital. We Spent All Day There! Well, she did. I finally took off to come on home and take care of the Dog. Went back to pick her up, of course, but it was still after 2000 before we got home.

Shes okay. They gave her meds and told her to go on the BRAT diet. (Banana’s, Rice, Apples, Toast.) Tuesday I got her a double order of Chicken Flied Lice at Safeway. She’s on her own for the rest.

Other than that: SSDD. Way more SSDD than one would expect. Some rain. Lots of Cold. Our usual walks; except we’ve added a leg so our walks are now .9 mile. But we do it 3 times a day! And the .22 mile back 40 tour a few times.

I don’t know why, yet, but everytime I take my medicine I feel really crappy after awhile. I mean fall over crappy. I need to talk to my Doc. (If I still have a Doc at the NavHosp, that is.) Sometimes I really feel like I haven’t much longer …


Got new strings for my electric guitar and got those on. Still haven’t actually tuned them though. Ordered a strap; which I’m hoping makes it a bit easier for me to hold on to the thing. YouTube here I come!

Oh, my. That was good. Mixed some of my homemade blackberry jam into some vanilla bean ice cream. Yummy!

Picked SWMBO up and we been home for awhile. Got to watching “This Old House” on the new TV. (ROKU stuff.)

I’m gonna go lay down and read a bit…

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Did Hypatia Cade Ever Find The EsKay Homeworld?

Personally, I’d like to know. The story is only half finished.

Not a lot going on around here. Several more days of snow but it all got washed away by the rain last night. Supposed to snow again some over the next couple of days. Cool! Way prefer snow instead of rain.


Been too cool around here. Cold, actually. Dog and I get our walks in as fast as we can. Well, as fast as I can. He moves a LOT faster than I do.

Our date day last Saturday didn’t go very well as SWMBO wasn’t feeling good. She wanted to go to the teriyaki place in Gig Harbor but really only had soup. Her stomach was hurting so we did some Man-Shopping at Albertson’s and came on home. She’s pretty much been stuck in her chair in the living room since. Sunday evening and she really isn’t feeling much better.

Re-partitioned and re-formatted one of those 5 TB drives and have been ripping my blu ray’s to it to see how many uncompressed movies it’ll hold. Filled about half the thing so far and it has only 85 movies. Think I’ll hook it up to the big tv and see how they look.


Oh, the NMARES meeting last Thursday went well. That club is starting to be more interesting than the South Club. Go figure. Waiting on the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net now …

And that’s really it. Will be glad when Winter finally passes. Home I live to see summer!

And Mariah: I sure feel sorry for you. Too bad you didn’t allow me to answer your hate mail.

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