Bought A New Z-71 Truck Yesterday.

And SWMBO read me the riot act. But we’ll get to that.

Got up early (like I do every morning) and headed out just to look at new Trucks. Saw a butt-ton of them and they all came in right around $30k. Even the Base Model Tacoma started out at $26k and was $30k or more when they added everything up. Most trucks were way out of the price and payments I was looking for.

Started at $31k. No Discount. No Rebate. $2400 Trade In.

Then I got to Haselwood Chevrolet. Brand new 2015 Chevy Silverado Z-71 marked down from $43.8k to just under $33k and with all the rebates, discounts, $6600 trade in value, and military stuff it came in right at $30k with a monthly payment that was ($200  higher than I was looking for but) acceptable.. So, somehow, I wound up signing all the paperwork. And had to get SWMBO in to sign the paperwork also.


She was not a happy camper. What it boils down to is: She understood/believed one thing. I understood/believed another. Both of us thought we were in accord. Now I feel like the most worthless piece of crap husband in the world. I absolutely hate making her feel bad. Being angry with/at me is one thing (and semi-frequent); being hurt by me is a completely different animal.

Yeah, Thirty years down the road and we still miscommunicate.

Same thing happened with my Ranger though. I went out just to look at trucks, and bought that one because it really was a great deal at the time and I needed a truck. That worked out. This will work out. Even if I don’t win the Lotto. Will have to put off buying the R-Pod for awhile though.

Of course, I don’t know if I’m just being optimistic, or stupid. I wouldn’t ask SWMBO for an opinion on that right now.

Lazy Sunday. Really Lazy Sunday.

Listening to PSK31 and 10-meters is lit up! I’m looking at 8 signals on the waterfall and I hardly ever see more than 2 at any one time. Nice strong signals too. Ought to make some contacts…


Other than that it’s pretty much a normal Sunday morning. Getting my chores done. Scanning the very last of the pile of Genealogy Helpers for SWMBO. (Damn I’m glad to be done with those!) Getting pork chops ready to cook for dinner. (Gonna fake-BBQ them.)


Dinner went well. MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Took my medicine a bit too early and it’s making me lethargic. Got my usual chores done. So it’ll be a short entry tonight. Not that I make really long entries anyway.