And the one I woke with this morning was a real corker! I accomplished absolutely nothing today cause I was incapacitated. Nauseous. The worst I’ve had in quite a while. I think it’s the Wx changes. Or that Klondike Bar I ate yesterday afternoon. Can’t think of any other triggers. I watch for triggers…


Finally started to abate about 1530 and I’m almost lucent now. Kinda sorta watching “Escape From L.A.” and wasting time until it’s time to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing.

I Want One!

About 1330 I finally got hungry and nothing would do but fries. So I made myself some fries. GOOD! (So good I repeated the fries and added a burrito for dinner}. I was even daydreaming about filling our deep fryer with lard and making some real fries.


And that’s it for today. We’re home safe, had a donut, and I’m off to lay down. May read awhile but I’m not staying up late tonight.

Damned Ex-Renters! Pigs!

And worse. I’ve just had to pull up all the flooring in the MILA bathroom. (And completely take out the toilet!)  It’s soaked and every floorboard is warped. I don’t know it they got that way from the Renters letting water run on the floor while taking a shower/bath or if it’s coming up from below. I doubt the latter though. Assholes!


Other than that not much going on. Got out and planted some celery and cauliflower to get things started. Cleared out the pea bed and tomato tires getting those ready for planting. Not doing corn or green beans this year. Gotta get some spaghetti squash plants for SWMBO and get those planted. Since I’m to be the only Gardener this year I can try some different things too. Fun!


Actually, it’s kind of nice getting out there and getting my hands dirty. Peaceful. Quieting. Probably does my blood pressure good.


And that’s it. Another day gone by. SWMBO took a look at the MILA floor when she got home and walked out shaking her head. Welcome to MY world!