Another Thursday In The Bag

But it wasn’t easy. No. Wait. It was pretty easy. Too Cloudy, with the occasional downpour so I didn’t get outside long. Although there was that one 10 minute stretch where the sun came out and it was really rather nice. If it hadn’t been cloudy it would have been 90 degrees out there. Sun felt nice!


But I still didn’t get much done today. Regular chores naturally and checked the mail. But other than that I spent way too much time on my computer. Well, I just had to watch the last three episodes of NCIS from last season so I could move on to  this year’s shows.


Thought I heard a bit of thunder earlier so I unplugged the antenna’s from my radio. The chances of lightning hitting my antenna’s is pretty slim, but why take a chance? I just don’t have the $800 available to buy a new one.

Looked up Knish. I don’t know that I’d ever heard of them before. Seems interesting and I may try to make some one day. I do enjoy cooking; when I get to cook for more than 1 person. But I found I don’t like cooking in a restaurant setting. Which I did try a couple of times. Hell, I even went to school to be a chef at one time. Wound up a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy instead. But I still like cooking.


And that’s really it. I’m sure y’all aren’t interested in my failed dreams, nor my daily, boring (to you) life; but it’s all I have. Why do I keep this blog? Because. That’s it. Just because. I live the average old retired guy American life. To those overseas it’s not all rodeo’s and BBQ’s or surfing. We work. Clean house. Just try to survive another day with our loved ones.

Another Day Stuck Inside

So you know how my day went, what I did, and how I felt about it. But I’m gonna tell you about it anyway! (Lucky You!) Guess I gotta get used to staying inside.

Grace Kelly. High Noon.

Rain came down really hard a few times last night and today. Hard enough last night to wake me a couple of times. Looking at the forecast isn’t encouraging either; rain the rest of the week (and probably more). Man, Fall roared in with a deluge!


Mostly been “playing” on my computer today. Setting up Xampp and several flavors of wiki’s locally to learn. So, I installed DokuWiki, MediaWiki, Drupal, Moodle, & Joomla. Or tried to. Moodle & Joomla just didn’t want to install right. Joomla gets stuck on creating the database and I don’t feel like doing the 57 steps I found online to fix it. Much easier to move on to something else. Moodle just seemed unreasonably complicated. Will probably play with it again…

Also installed the new Piwigo (Photo Gallery) and something called OsClass (online classifieds) to play with. I like Piwigo.

The Deadly Mantis

Scanned SWMBO’s Uncle’s 35-mm negatives and those are now up on the “cloud.”

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went well. Roland (KC7WNJ) runs a pretty good net.