Just Nothing. SSDD.

Oh, Joy! The (shitty) neighbor’s oldest kid got a new horn for his truck. It’s loud and sounds sorta like a train horn. He’s been “testing” it all damned day. Between that and them running up and over a small extension next to the road (which just happens to be on my property)(wrecking that small patch of bank, btw) I can’t contain my pleasure at having such, such, Dipsidiots, as neighbors. I’m still waiting for their youngest to kill the rest of them in their sleep some night. I’d stay alive long enough to watch him fry. Hell, I’d volunteer to flip the switch.


Not much else going on for a Tuesday. Took a short ride around earlier to test that new dashcam I got; it worked fine; for the second half of the trip. Have to figure that out. Takes nice video though.

Started getting the Caravan ready for this weekend. Wx report looks good; hot and sunny. Which will be a change as it’s managed to rain for most of my previous Field Day’s. We’ll see how that turns out.


I’m pretty disappointed in that new Vape thing I got. Battery doesn’t last very long and it gives me an “invalid mini” error (whatever that means!) when I start it up. It does use more e-juice, but I expected that.

And that has been my day. Kind of laid back really.

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It’s Another Monday! At Least It’s Supposed To Be Sunny And Warm.

Pretty “normal” Monday around here. Pretty much wasted time this morning until I finally got off my old ass and got my day started.
Of course, that doesn’t mean much around here. Being as how I’m “retired” and all.
Still, I supposed it could be worse. I could be working nights again.


Father’s Day, yesterday, was pretty much the usual around here too. SWMBO and I made dinner together. Big Bang Theory marathon. Sunny & Hot so I, quite naturally, spent time outside. All the usual.

This is the week I’ll set the Caravan up for Field Day. Have to go to COSTCO and get the Club’s food for that too. I’m thinking straight Burger’s & Dog’s and all the fixin’s. Past years have proven (to me) that buying a lot of different stuff just doesn’t work. No one eats it all and I wind up bringing a lot of stuff home or giving it away. I’ll add chips and soda’s (hopefully a great enough mix so everyone will have something they like).


Mowed the Front-Lower & Back yards. The path to out back also; since I was already in the area. Now I just need to get the front-front and front yards. Then whack-weed everything.

Then pretty much didn’t do anything until time to pick SWMBO at the bus stop in town. Then we kinda just continued the Big Bang Theory marathon until bedtime.

Yes, we’re boring people. But we’re boring together.

(Had to post this online!)

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