Maybe I Should Start S.P.A.H.

Sane People Against Hillary. Except, from what I’ve seen, I’d only get 8 or 9 people to join. And at least one of those would be a “Ringer.” And three of the rest would drop out for being called “Sexist.” (Which I guess I am since I wouldn’t vote for someone just because they didn’t have a dick. Although her balls are the biggest ever just from her being able to say she’s running for President after all the shit she’s pulled against the American people.)

Hell, if y’all just gotta have a woman President just because she’s a woman, I nominate (the original) Morticia Addams. Or Ripley. My Mom would be a good choice except for the “switching” she’d go off on Congress with. But that may be what they need. Hmmm… (You! Reid! Go out and pick me a switch then get your ass back in here!)

CPAP Follow-up in Olympia went well; except for that idiot trying to run me off the road! Nice ride there and back; except for that damned idiot trying to run me off the road. Next follow-up in two months. Hopefully I won’t see that damned idiot trying to run me off the road again.

Too wet to get outside today. Suxs! Continued getting my books catalogued. Suxs! The usual chores. Suxs! Oh, finishing up laundry. Suxs! Finally swept most of the house. Suxs! Noticed that I really do need to get the dust cloth out. And maybe even use the damned thing!

Other than that: Not much going on. Wind is kinda kicking up out there. Chased the Dog around the living room. Nice living in a place I can throw his ball inside.

Just watched the new “Daredevil” from Netflix. I liked it.

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Nope. Not Dead. Just Lazy

Cause really nothing “unusual” has been going on. Last Friday? SSDD. Saturday? Pretty much SSDD. Today? S.S.D.D.

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Well, except for the monthly meeting of MCARC yesterday morning with me presiding as President for the first time. They really aren’t used to me. But they’ll come to recognize my talents. Or Else! (Naw. Just kidding.) But they did find that I like to stay “on track” until a decision is made. They’ll get used to it. Maybe even come to embrace the concept.

One of the guys suggested classes on various things to make the meeting a bit more interesting after the “business” part of the meetings. I told him that I’d been trying for that very thing since I joined the club, but, since we have the room only an hour to an hour and a half, that the BS Session is what usually took us over time. Not that I don’t enjoy the stories; but they do take time. Maybe we can work on that.

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SWMBO took me to Red Lobster for our date; where I had the Ultimate Feast (and it was damned good!). Then we spent too much money at COSTCO and then our usual stop at Safeway on the way home. I’d have been just as happy with a Whopper as long as we’re spending time together; but I did enjoy the meal.

Other than that just not much going on. Getting my books catalogued. Slowly but they are getting done. Completed one book case, all my Destroyer and Doc Savage, and have just over 600 books listed so far. 5 more bookcases to go! (This is gonna take awhile.)

About time for the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net. Later: Which went really well tonight. Even had a “new” person from Tumwater and another from Tacoma check in. Cool!

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