Wx Changed Again Last Night

And I’m pretty sure you can figure out how I know. Aside from it raining when I got up this morning I have had this damned headache all damned day. Sucks!


Didn’t win the Lotto last night, SWMBO’s Son still lives in the basement, My Ex- didn’t kick the bucket, affordable Warp-Drive hasn’t been invented, and Aliens still haven’t landed in my back yard, so today is really turning out to be, well, not one of my best. Go figure.


So, mostly I’ve been nursing my head and enjoying a 5th Doctor Who marathon. I am loathe to watch the latest Doctor Who Season Ender. Somehow 12 episodes just don’t seem to be enough.

Of course, the headache started going away just about supper time. Which SWMBO cooked tonight. Broiled steak, baked sweet potato, and corn. Yummy!


Then she sat down and watched the next-to-last Doctor Who with me. Now I’m going to make some popcorn and watch the season ender. Wish me luck!

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Up Early And Out The Door

To Shelton for the MCARC monthly meeting. Which went well. All the guys were impressed with my new truck and I got plenty of ideas about mounting my radio and antenna’s. Thanks guys!

Took some pictures when I went through Allyn on the way:



The rest are up on my Flickr site. If you’re interested.


Met SWMBO and our friend Mary at the all you can eat Chinese food place in Port Orchard for late lunch/early dinner. Was good as usual. Ate way too much as usual. Made our regular Safeway stop on the way home.


Will probably just chill for the rest of the evening. Think I’ll watch Poltergeist.

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