Except For Being Wet & Cold

It wasn’t a bad Sunday, so far, at all. Got my “usual” chores done, laundry, etc., early enough to be able to do some other things I’ve been meaning to do. Like? Turn some more dirt over in one of the planters in the garden. Arrange the new closet system to how I thought SWMBO would want it and put her new basket/shelves in that she bought yesterday. (Looks good.) Finally got the paint and other stuff for the MILA out of her car and into the MILA.


So, SWMBO is out back mowing and I’m getting caught up on things waiting for the MCARC 2-meter Chat Net in about an hour. Spent some time working on the MCARC website and their Facebook page (which I didn’t know we had). Playing with some PortableApps and making an e-pub about the Club.

Busy Busy Busy. Kinda Sorta. I could be “busy” for a long time what with the things I like to do and the “Honey Do” list SWMBO has for me!


Windy and wet out most of the day. Supposed to be 70+ degrees starting Wednesday. I can only hope. Of course, I won’t get much done on those days cause I’ll be outside enjoying the sun. The Dog and I will probably take our clothes off and go for a walk! Cool!


SWMBO made broiled steaks, mashed taters, and green beans with carrots for dinner. Was good!

MCARC 2-meter Chat Net went well but lasted less than a half hour. Only 9 check-ins tonight. Most talked about how windy and wet it has been today at their houses. Hell, long as we’re communicating that’s okay with me.

Anywho, that’s about it from around here today. That’s my life.

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Generally Nice Saturday

Thank goodness. Didn’t rain until late afternoon so I got out and worked in the garden moving tires and dirt around. Weeding. Putting the bean climber thingie back together. Was relaxing. Peaceful since the kids next door didn’t get out on their loud-assed dirt bikes. Enjoyed the hell out of getting my hands dirty and not worrying about the MILA today.


SWMBO got home from the Genealogy Library about 1500 and took me to an early dinner at Red Robin’s in Silverdale. I had the Chicken & Shrimp plate. She seemed to enjoy her mushroom burger!

vlcsnap-00127 (2)

Then she took me to Home Depot where we spend WAY too much money. Bought 5 gallon’s of paint and a bunch of other stuff to get the MILA done this week (hopefully). Stopped by COSTCO on the way back but they were closed. (They close at 1800 on Saturday’s. Stupid. Seems Saturday could be one of their busiest days.) So we stopped by Safeway and got some stuff. SWMBO’s car was pretty much completely full by the time we got home.


Supposed to rain hard tonight through tomorrow so I may get down in the MILA tomorrow. Tonight I’m just gonna chill and watch the rest of the Doctor Who Season One Reboot.

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