Happy New Year, Everybody!

Hope all the best for you and yours for the new year. I’m normally one of those “Things have just gotta get better” people. But I fear that things will get somewhat worse politically, financially, and morally, before they get better this time.  Wish I could be proven wrong though.


Not much going on today. Pretty normal Wednesday as Wednesday’s go. Made a run to the Post Office; but otherwise stayed inside all day. Started building that “box” in my wall behind my desk. Have to do something with that empty space. Might as well make a spot to put “stuff.” Straightened up some more in the basement. All the usual chores. Warmed a pizza for dinner.


Yep, I’m just a New Year’s Partying Fool!

Saw an ad for a site called “World of Warplanes” where you fly with/against other’s online. Looks great; but really leery about installing anything “online” like that. But I’ll probably check it out and go from there. Looks like fun. I like Air Combat Sims and Flight Sims. Enough to go against other people? I just don’t know.

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Damn! It’s Cold Out There!

I only know that because I took the Dog for a walk around the back 40. Sun was shining; it ought to be fairly nice out. NOT! I know, some people think 35 degrees is fairly nice. Not me. Anything below 75 and I’m ready for a sweater.


Not much else going on today. The usual. Did get down and get a lot of straightening up done in the basement. Trying to put like items together in one place. “One of these things is different. One of these things don’t belong.” Looks a lot better but still have a lot to do.


Spent the evening playing with my outlook accounts and trying to wrap my head around what’s what where. Going after Google Photo’s and Picasa Web Albums to see if I can figure out what the HELL I’m doing. Not to mention that I still have all those photo’s to straighten up in my “Latest Last Scans” directories.

But not tonight.

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