Damn! Not Lazy Again!

Mostly because, on the way to pay the last $100 for the rider mower, I saw that someone took out half the mailbox line; including MY mailbox. Damn. Double Damn.

I Took This Back In 1988 Or So.

So, on the way back I stopped at ACE Hardware and bought a new (bigger) mailbox and steel post. Then it took a couple of hours to get it in correctly. Digging the damned hole was the hard part what with all the rocks in the ground here. But it’s done and I even wrote our name and address on the thing with silver indelible ink. Now the 3 or 4 folks that were next to/around us need to replace/reinstall theirs.

Well, if it happens again we can always just go ahead and get a PO Box. The last one lasted 5 years though. Not too many people have messed with it; thank goodness.


Not much else going on. About to get some lunch and start my usual chores. Kind of funny; when I don’t want to be lazy I can’t force myself to do anything. But, when I wouldn’t mind sitting around catching up on “my shows,” I can’t get a minute to myself. Figures.

Did finally manage a contact with my friend down in California on 14.342. He had a nice clear signal on the new antenna but not so good on my old one. Guess it might be time to take the old antenna down. It seems to work better on 40-meters, but, how often do I work 40-meters?

Took this about 1977 in Jax, Fl

The Dog and I did get a chance to take off all our clothes and go for a walk. And lay out awhile. It was fairly nice out there. I even fell asleep sitting out in the warm sunshine. (For only a couple of minutes. But I did fall asleep.)

And that’s pretty much it.

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I Was Really Trying To Be Lazy Today

And I almost made it. Then I made a run to the bank to deposit the Renter’s check. But I came straight home! But then I did my “usual” chores. But I sat down as soon as I could to catch up on NCIS. But, even before the show started, I said “Oh, Hell.” It’s a fairly nice day out there and we’re not going to get many more of them, so, I got off my ass and mowed the lawns. All the lawns.


Then I played with my new antenna some more: tuned it in to the different frequencies and wrote the tuner setting down (on my desktop). I don’t think the antenna is high enough; I’m getting quite a bit of SWR on some of the freqs. Probably bouncing back from our cement wall out back. I need the tennis ball gun.

Listening to the noon-time net on 7268.5 (LSB) and everyone is coming in gang busters. Think I’ll try to talk to my friend on 14.342 @ 1515 and see if he notices any difference in my signal. Antenna seems to be working Great! (Then he missed today.) Lady in North Dakota was talking about maybe having snow tonight.


Finally! Just sitting and playing on the radio. Oh, shit. Forgot. Riper tomato’s need to be boiled down. Damn! So I got up off my ass (again) and went and prepped & boiled the maters down. Well, their still boiling.

Time to fix dinner! Tonight was sliced Kielbasa mixed in with O’Brien potato’s and an egg. Topped with a toasted bagel (buttered) and a tall, cold, glass of sweet tea.

Good Line Of Storms Going Through!

And that’s about it. Again. SWMBO is home safe (that’s pretty important to me) and in her room watching “Bones.” About time for this old man to hit the rack.

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