Pretty “Normal” Day Around Here

Even with SWMBO being home. And it started later (0730) than has been our norm over the past couple of months. (Sill, she’d rather she was still commuting to work!)


Took her to the $5 lunch at DQ before we stopped at ACE Hardware for more drywall and some other things. Needed some wire to move that one receptacle. Some more shelf supports for the new cabinets.

Put most of the drywall up when we got home. Now getting on the “trim” areas. Started putting things back “where they belong” trying to get things straightened up for Thanksgiving in just over a week. Yeah, I know; starting straightening up kind of early, aren’t I? The house is a mess from moving things around and I need to get it all out of the way before our guests come over for dinner.


And that’s about it for what’s going on around here. Supposed to be really cold tonight cause we have no cloud cover (for once). And it’s Winter! I really believe we’re going to get slammed with a lot of snow this year.

Hey! I’m going to be here for the MCARC 2-meter  Net tonight. Cool! (Mostly.)

We’re Bummed Out Tonight.

SWMBO was working at a company over in Seattle (for a temp agency), hoping she’d get offered a permanent job. Alas, they told her today at the end of the work day that they would not and to not “bother” go come in anymore. WHA??? No reasons. No excuses. Just “don’t bother to come in tomorrow.”

Which is kind of strange as she’s had nothing but glowing reports as recent as last Friday about how they’re pleased with her work despite the learning curve. And she’s not the kind of person to purposely piss someone off. She looks sharp. Gets to work early and leaves late. Has gotten along with everyone according to her. Which I wouldn’t doubt.

So, we’re kind of bummed out today.

It will work out though. It will.