Headache. Day Two.

Mostly the left side of my head is pounding. Not nice. And I have too much to do today to be incapacitated with a headache. Damn!


Gotta go to Ace Hardware and get some epoxy, or other suitable adhesive, to put the new board up in the kitchen. I’ll post the picture later.

Then I need to hand our renter the “Three Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Vacate” notice. I am not looking forward to that. I don’t expect her to do either easily. But I will get the Law involved if I have to; then charge her for the lawyer, filing fees, whatever. Well, had to post the notice on their doors. Only a bit easier for me. Hate doing it.

Eva Habbermann - Lexx

Still more wind and rain today. Lots more rain! My yard is really squishy.

What A Bunch Of Fucking Idiots! Especially Senator Patty Murray. Hey, Dipshidiot, raising the minimum wage is NOT going to stimulate the economy. It will cause employers to hire fewer people. Your stupid law is only another attempt to take from those who have and give it to those who don’t. Can you say Socialism? Fucking Democraps.


Back from picking SWMBO up so it’s time for me to chill and get ready for bed. Reading “Lyon’s Pride.” Wouldn’t want to miss anything!

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I Hate Headaches!

Started out pretty normal today. Except I overslept and didn’t wake/get up until 0730. I think that has contributed to me getting a headache this afternoon. Or it was the tuna sandwich I made myself for lunch.

Gravity. Good Movie!

Walked up to a friends house at 1100 or so. Wasn’t raining too bad. Hell of a wind last night! Hell of a lot of rain last night! According to the weather weenies we’ve got a couple more storms heading our way with much the same.

Still putting everything back in our “new” kitchen. Not trying to rush it cause I’d like to get everything where I want it. Where it’ll be easily accessible but out of the way when not being used. Efficient, I’d guess you’d say.


Damned headache had me down for most of the afternoon & early evening.

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