Waiting On The Snow

IF it happens around here. This is really something: I grew up in Southern California and when we wanted to see/feel snow, Dad used to take us to Mt. Baldy and let us play awhile. When we got too cold or tired of it he’d run us down to Seal Beach to thaw out. But it has rained so much since we’ve been up here that I absolutely hate the rain. I’d much rather have it snow. Hence my looking forward to it snowing over the next couple of months. Much better than rain!


Other than that not much going on. Had the Sister Missionaries over for dinner and made almost-BBQ’d chicken, mashed taters, and corn for them. They seemed to enjoy it. Chicken turned out particularly well in my opinion.

SWMBO and I made a trip to the Post Office earlier then made a tour of the “back 40” before we got too cold. I like walking along with her holding hands. (Each other’s hands!) Tomorrow is our 27th Wedding Anniversary. She’s been a good wife!

Playing with the latest version of Sigil for making e-pub files. Lots to learn. Next I get to reinstall FSX. What a pain in the ass that is going to be! (I have to call Microsoft cause I’ve had to reinstall it so many times.)

X-Plane 2013-05-27 14-15-03-07

Watching “Amazing Spaces” and it’s giving me ideas for our basement…

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Relief. Blessed Relief.

Headache was mostly gone by the time I went to bed last night. Of course, I had the “after headache blah’s” and still didn’t feel much like doing anything. But I was in bed so wouldn’t have done anything anyway!

Connie May Howard 1971

No headache when I woke this morning; but can’t say I’ve been really “productive” throughout the day. Unless you count organizing the 184,000+ scans I have on my drive. Using a program called “Visipics” that’s excellent at finding duplicates of your pictures. Y’all should try it!

Down On Black's Beach 1991

Also got off my lazy old duff and removed the “glasses” cabinet in the kitchen and remounted it in my room. Makes the kitchen seem bigger. Wasn’t that hard to do either. Problem is you can see what color the kitchen walls are supposed to be (or what it was when the cabinet was first put in). We need to paint!

MCARC 2-meter Net went well. Repeater seems to be acting up though cause sometimes different people’s signals would be “buzzy.” Not too many check-ins; I think some folks have already headed out to family’s for Christmas. Ah well.

At The Over-The-Line Tournement 1988

And that’s about it. They’re calling for some (light) snow tomorrow night. Wouldn’t bother me if it dumped a couple of feet over the next few days!

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