Holy Crap! It’s After 1900…

And I haven’t even started this yet. Although I just did. I think.

Still not much going on around here. Nice Wx day again. Got up to around 90 degrees and I was just loving it. It’s cooled down to 82 degrees right now so SWMBO is a bit happier with that.

I Want To Vacation Here!

Went for walks. Did a couple of “flights” and didn’t hit anything. Got up on the roof and took my 2-meter antenna down, replaced the coax with some better coax, put the antenna back up and haven’t been able to contact anyone for a radio check even though I do trip the repeater. Will try again later.

Really looking forward to the new Star Trek Movie!

Speaking of radio: started checking sites for RV rentals for “Field Day” this year. Expensive! I’ll probably wind up using my 2-man tent and the truck. That should do me. Will be even better when SWMBO shows up! I’ll probably be doing the PSK-31 thing again.

Looking up game controllers for the Nexus 7. Confusing! All I want is to be able to control my Drone better.

NICE Wx Day! For Me!

SWMBO didn’t really like it; but she doesn’t like hot weather. Heck, it only got up to 83 degrees (28C) so I don’t know what’s she’s bitchin’ about! Smile I got out and did more work on the garden beds. Pounded in the fence posts and put the upper layer of that orange snow fencing we use to keep the deer out of the garden. It was NICE outside!!!! Hope this wx holds this way for a few more days…

L5G_12 in X-Plane 10 Demo

Other than that not really much going on. Our son made spaghetti for dinner; he’s canning the rest of his sauce and it’s taking much longer than he figured it would. But he’s hanging in there and getting it done. (Personally, I think his spaghetti sauce needs more onions and some sliced black olives, but who am I to say. (Just the main cook is all!))

AT6G_1 in X-Plane 10 Demo

Playing with X-Plane 10 demo. I like it. Scenery for my area is pretty accurate. I’d buy the full program but have to save up for it. Ah well. I’ll enjoy it just as much in 3 or 4 (or 6) months as I would if I got it tomorrow. (I also have X-Plane, Absolute RC Helo & Absolute RC Plane on my Nexus 7. Lots to do on the pot!)


MCARC 2-meter Chat Net @ 1930 tonight. Wonder how many people will check in. When the Wx is nice like this most everyone will be out doing things. That’s what you do when you live in the Wet Northwest.

Well, it’s later. No net tonight. No one could hear me when I transmitted. Guess my antenna isn’t wet enough. I’m going to have to take it down and put that other lead wire on it. Maybe better coax will work…