Annual RV Appointment Tomorrow

In which I have to haul the caravan to the dealer in Tacoma so they can do their required inspection (@ $130+ or so). I hate (HATE!) driving to Tacoma. Especially during the day. (But at least it ain’t Seattle!)

So I’m up in the air about either driving over tonight and finding a space along the road to rack out for a few hours, OR, leaving here at 0900 (well before my 1130 appointment time) and braving traffic to get her done. Think I’ll check if these HAVE to be done in Tacoma cause there is an RV dealer in Silverdale.

Other than that just not much going on. Nice and sunny out so the Dog and I have been outside as much as possible. Still way too cold out though. Froze my hands hooking up the caravan.


And that’s it. NMARES 2-meter Net went well with 8 check-ins. SWMBO is home and fed. Dog’s abandoned me for her. Think I’ll go lay down and read.

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Nice Sunday.

While we get the Skanks on “The View,” or “Oprah,” THEY get:

Just doesn’t seem fair.

Sunday, so not a lot going on. Making Itialian Bread while SWMBO is off to Church. Me and the Dog making our usual walks. Kinda windy out but hasn’t rained yet. Yet.

Date day yesterday went well cause I was out with my Schweetie. We went to “Outback” and were disappointed (as usual). I probably won’t vote to go there anymore. SWMBO’s steak was too cooked (no pink in the middle at all) and my “Chicken on the Barbie” was a leather piece of too peppery chicken with a cup of BBQ sauce on the side. ???. What the hell kind of BBQ is that? (And even my fries were too spicey.)

Luba01-18Made a frozen Lasagna for dinner. Let me rephrase that: Cooked a frozen lasagna for dinner. That and the bread I made was really good for dinner. SWMBO and I watched “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” while eating. What a Young Kirt Russel! Man! And Disney Teens are the worst.

The MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net went well. Only 6 check-ins but everybody had good signals.

And, that’s it. SSDD without rain.

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