Day 3? Tuesday-Wednesday-Yep

Kind of hard remember sometimes. Wow. Got up early today and headed to the Devil's Tower. Wow! Too cool. We did the walk all the way around it. Spent a couple of hours there. Wow!

By the time we got through with that, SWMBO was getting a bit Hangry. By the time we got to a burger/bar in Beulah she was ready to bite my head off! Iknew she was hungry cause when we walked into the "Best Place To Eat In Beulah" people were smoking at the bar and she went in anyway. Usually she'd back right out and we'd find someplace else. Not today though!
Burger was good.

Hit the road again and have made it to Mitchell, SD where we've stopped for the night. I be tired. We went for a walk and got a little meal at Mickey D's and now we're just relaxing in our room. May hit the hot tub before crashing for the night.

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Trip – Day 2

Didn't post last night cause I was so tired! I got up at 0300, got her up at 0330, and we were out of the house by 0400. Wow! Missed all that early morning traffic in the Seattle area, got on Highway 18 to I-90 and stopped in Deer Lodge, Montana 12 hours later.

Today we hit the road about 0700 and have just stopped in Moorcroft(?), Wyoming for the night. We decided to stay here andn go see the Devil's Tower tomorrow morning; since we're not in a real rush to get to Toledo.

My Goodness! The scenery we've seen these past two days! Wonderful. Beautiful. Majestic. I could live in Montana. (In the Summer. Not butt-deep in freezing cold during the Winter. I'm a real cold Wx pussy.) But, if not for Winter, I could live in Montana.

Anyway. Just wanted to check in. I'm gonna to shower and lay down. Almost 1100 miles so far. Phew!


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