We Be Back! 6438 Miles Later …

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile. My tablet was knocked out of my hand at the Reunion, hit the ground, and the screen went wonky. Everything’s squished into a 1/2 inch strip at the top of the display. I was a bit upset since I use that tablet for everything while on trips. Luckily, I have a replacement at home. But it was AT HOME.

Deer Lodge. The ONLY Place I Saw Lightning On Our Trip

My Father-In-Law gave me a Chromebook, which I tried to set up. Installed the WordPress app, but, all my passwords were here at home. So … I’m going to set it up for the next long trip. At least give it a serious try. (Haven’t been too impressed with it so far.)

Anywho, I am NOT going to make a long, drawn-out, post tonight cause I am one tired Old Guy. And I need to batten down the hatches for the storm moving in tomorrow (or tonight). (High winds & lots of rain predicted.)

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Last Day In Oregon, Ohio

Goodbye's have been said. Spent the day packing all the "stuff" we've been given into those large bins we bought and loading them into the truck. Joiner wasn't as hard to load as I thought it'd be. Good! Weighs down the back of the truck but I think the load will be okay.


SWMBO has gone off to her class in Ann Harbor so I'm puttering around the hotel and getting all my stuff packed. We'll put everything but a change of clothes into the truck when she gets back so we can get the hell out of Dodge by 0500 tomorrow. Should take about 11 hours to get to Horn Lake, Ms where my Uncle lives. (Called him and he's excited we're on our way.)
Sat outside and talked to some of the Hams I've gotten to know (as much as I can in only a couple of weeks). Nice guys and I really will miss a couple of them; but plan to keep in touch via e-mail. They really made me feel welcomed.

And that's it. May go outside and talk some more around 2200 and I might get to see SWMBO pull in.

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