Enter A Post Title? Is That Like Be A Lert?

Fairly normal morning. Got kind of bored about 0700 and uploaded the panorama’s I’ve made, so far, up to Flickr. You can see them here, if you feel like wasting a few minutes. And then I made a butt-ton more from earlier pictures. Moving stuff around on my hard drives trying to get somewhat organized. Updating my Google & OneDrive pictures and accounts. Kind of watching a bunch of fan made Doctor Who trailers on YouTube. (I’ve become quite the Whovian.)


Thinking about making my laptop my “radio” computer again since I got the new CAT cable that works every time. Then I could attach a second monitor. Would also keep the laptop updated for when I take it into the field or on a trip somewhere. Yep, think I’m going to do that. But I really need a new laptop. The one I have is about 7 years old and the DVD drive has gone Tits Up. Finding a new DVD drive for it is almost as expensive as just buying a new laptop.


Made a JT65A contact with JA3FQO on 5 watts. That’s in Sennan city osaka,Japan. About 7676 KM. Cool. JT65 doesn’t do voice; just signals passed back and forth. Seems kinda, I don’t know, boring to me.


Since I had the time, I made my world famous Chili-Baked Chicken & Onion Rings for dinner. Which was good. As usual. I’m a fairly decent cook; I just don’t like cooking for one. Usually.


And that’s it again.

National Get Off Your Ass Day? Again?

I need to get off my ass. I’ve been sitting here since 0530 and its 0700 now. Mail is read. Political sites checked out. Coffee drank. So it’s time to get off this old fat ass and get things started for the day. Come On, King! You’re 62 years old, still get zits, haven’t seen your dick (directly) in years, and your feet “tingle” if you sit too long. GET OFF YOUR ASS! (P.S. You’re also a Great Self Motivator! (NOT))

Photo by Uncle Clarence

So I climbed on that exercycle thingie and pedaled my ass around the living room. Thing said I did 2.5 miles and it took only 15 minutes! Slow, King. But you are just starting this exercise stuff after too many years of sitting around. Still on your ass though.


Been playing with Microsoft ICE, a program to make panorama’s from your pictures if it can. Does pretty good. Not perfect but pretty good. And it does it without all the fanfare that Google+ puts you through with it’s “auto-awesome.”


Finished cleaning the bottles of tomato’s I canned yesterday. The Usual Chores. Sun came out for awhile so I went down and started pulling the snow fence off the garden and pulling out the dead mater plants. Then it got cloudy and colder again.

Been “playing” with a program called Fldigi in Linux. Seems to work pretty good and it controls my radio but it’s Ugly as Sin! Also trying to get HRD to work under Wine but haven’t been able to make it control my radio yet. Butt-ton of ports to choose from but none recognized. Yet Fldigi finds it right off.


Spent a lot of time playing on my “radio” computer setting up different programs to give them a try. WSJT is interesting. MultiPSK I’ve used before for packet mail stuff. Will probably try it again. Some other programs to do different “digical” stuff.

And that’s probably about it. It’s 2100 and about time for me to hit the rack. Get up early, go to bed early. Will spend the next hour checking Tumblr, FB, & G+ so it ain’t like I lay down and go to sleep.