OMG! What A SSDD Monday!

Pretty much. Got all my usual chores done. Finally got off my lazy ass, brought the ladder in, and cleaned all the ceiling fans in the house. They needed cleaning! Big Time! Then I went out and mounted the toilet paper holder in the Caravan WC. Then I took a set of our fitted sheets out and made the bed in the same Caravan. But not in the WC. There’s no bed in the WC.

money_usd1 - Copy

I don’t know what it is about the bed in the Caravan, but, I can lay down on it and I’m asleep in under 5 minutes. It sure is a bit more comfortable than the bed we have in the house.


Also wiped down all the walls in our bedroom. Damned cat. Freaking thing sheds so much our walls were covered in fur and dander. I should wipe them (the walls) down every 6 months or so. Maybe that would cut down on the headaches I get. (I really don’t like her cat anyway. Fookin’ thing has puked twice in the living room today. It pukes regularly (but not predictably) and I’m just tired of the damned thing.)

Other than that I’ve been kind of lazy today. Heated up a can of chili for dinner lazy.

Wow. What A SSDD Sunday!

Mostly. I have been working on my “shack” the past couple of days though. About time. Put in the 2nd counter top yesterday. Today I rewired Our Network and set up the print server and printers. Mounted two monitors on the walls where I want them (for the print server and my radio laptop). You can’t tilt them or anything, but they’ll work fine where they are now. Up off the counters out of the way. I need a lot of counter top for working on computers and “stuff.”


Slowly getting my shack the way I want it. It looks pretty “homemade” right now; and it’s supposed to cause it is. I build for strength, longevity, and convenience. And it doesn’t have to look “store bought” for me to enjoy using it. And I may re-arrange it at anytime. A good shack can be modified as needed for different operating modes.


SWMBO had a friend follow her home for some Emergency Genealogy  research so I wound up cooking dinner. Chied Fricken, baked taters, and steamed broccoli/cauliflower combo stuff. SWMBO made some of the corn bread stuff we got from Thrive. Was good if I do say so myself. All of it. Not just the corn bread.


Not much going on now. Kinda sorta just waiting around for the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net to start. ARES check-in before hand. Which is good.

Net went really well. Eight check-ins and it actually lasted longer than half an hour! Now I think I’ll finish the movie and hit the rack.