Sunny, Hot, Itchy, Itchy, Itchy Day!

Still cleaning up after Field Day. Finally got the BBQ cleaned. What a chore that was! After 3 days of use it really needed cleaning. Think I’ll line the inside with tin foil this time. May make it easier to clean. May not.


KE7NUQ and family came over to look at the Tent Trailer. Gave them the complete setting it up and let them sit around awhile in it. They liked it so much they want to buy it. Cool! I’m going to be taking it to their house Friday; they have to get their van set up to tow and they’re not sure when that’ll be. In the meantime it can sit in their driveway and they can practice setting it up and taking it down. (And I accidently put a hole in the screen door while showing it to them that I’ll have to fix before then. Klutzy me!)

Not much else going on. Planet Of The Apes (1968) marathon going on my monitor. Can of Dinty’s for dinner. Kind of lounging between outside and my desk.


SWMBO just called and I get to pick her up at the bus stop this evening after work. Cool!

Wednesday: And I forgot to post this last night. I blame it on SWMBO. She makes me forget things.

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Even Caladryl Clear isn’t helping to stop this damned itching! The Aloe Vera with Lidocaine ain’t helping. Stopped counting mosquito bites at 62 but I know there’s more. AAAArrrrgggghhhh!!!! (Next year for Field Day I’ll wear long pants, long sleeved shirts, and one of those net-hat things!)


Nice hot, sunny, day but I didn’t get to spend as much time outside as I would’ve liked to. Busy cleaning out the Caravan, getting the dirty laundry done (cause there is absolutely no use getting clean laundry done), and ran all the dishes from the Caravan through the dishwasher. And all the other stuff I normally do. Gads! I’m a House-Husband!


Did make the run back to the Field Day site to let the Septic guy in to pick up the porta-potty. Nice ride there and back along the Sound. Stopped and got breakfast at Mickey-D’s on the way there and stopped at my bank on the way back. Traffic was kinda heavy through Belfair for some reason. And it doesn’t help that “They’ve” got steel plates all along the main drag. Bumpy too!

Well, SWMBO texted me that her son is running late and I’ll have to pick her up. Texted her back that I didn’t HAVE too, but it would be my pleasure. Always is.


Which I did and we’re back. Time to settle in for the night. I’m ready! Maybe I’ll stop itching while sleeping. I sure hope so! This is driving me crazy.

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