Hope Y’all Had A Nice Easter!

Hope all y’all had a great Easter. I did, but I got to spend most of it with SWMBO and any day I get to do that is a great day. Holiday or not.


Got out and worked on the Garden for awhile. Turned the dirt in the Pea bed and got their climbing wire straightened up. Planted 2 rows of peas.  Planted a row of cucumbers in the other planter and started moving dirt around in my tomato tires. Lots of worms! So I moved several handfuls to the beds where I haven’t seen many worms. I swear they help things grow.


Politely reminded the neighbor boy that he has that whole forest behind us to zoom his bike around and that he doesn’t need to zoom up and down our road. That all that noise is really annoying not only for me but for the other folks living on the road. Seems to have worked. So far. (Give it a day.)


Well, call me Traditional, but, on Easter there is only ONE meal that one should consume: Spaghetti! So I made spaghetti with meat sauce (chunky) and the Cheesy Bread SWMBO brought home last night and we didn’t get to it. Was yummy!


SWMBO mowed. I finished up in the Garden (all I’m going to do to it today anyway). Poured some old coffee grounds over the Blueberry bushes. Laundry is finally going. (For some reason, SWMBO doesn’t want me to wash the new bright RED sheets she bought yesterday with anything else. Especially the Whites. Go figure.)

And I’m pretty sure that’s it for today. MCARC 2-meter Chat Net in a few minutes.

Yeah, Didn’t Post Yesterday

Spent a good part of the day stripping the bathroom floor in the MILA then putting 3 coats of that sealant on it. Took a long time between dryings. Worked a bit on the floor in the Master bedroom also but may have to pull that back up. Think I’m going to put a coat of the sealant on a couple of spots on that floor.

Did take a break and take the Dog for a walk when the sun finally came out for a bit. Felt good but was still pretty cool out. Didn’t actually rain here all day!


Picked SWMBO up at the usual. Was so tired when we got home that I just chilled for a bit then went and laid down and read for a bit before crashing.

Now it’s Saturday and I get to start it all over again! Except for having to pick SWMBO up. Cool! She’s going to go shopping for new slacks after the Genealogy Library and bring a pizza home for dinner. We’re going to have our “date” at home eating pizza and watching “Thor 2.”


So, my plans for this rainy Saturday? Another coat of the sealant on the MILA bathroom floor. Fix more flooring in the MILA master bedroom. Start a 50’s Sci-Fi marathon on my monitor and check what’s happening whenever:

  • Thing From Another World * Them
  • Beast From 20 Thousand Fathoms * Beginning of the End
  • Deadly Mantis * Earth-VS-Flying Saucers
  • It Came From Outer Space * Tarantula

That outta do it! At least until SWMBO gets home with the pizza!

Put another coat of that sealer on the bathroom floor. Pulled up some more of the flooring in the bedroom and put some of the sealer on that floor. Won’t help though. Water will just go somewhere else. Looks like we’re going to have to pull all the flooring up and reseal the cement floor. Shit!


Just had a can of sardines packed in mustard sauce. That outta hold me until the pizza is ready.

Oh, my. That pizza was good. We aren’t watching the movie yet as SWMBO is running her son around. Hopefully they’ll be back in time for SWMBO and I to watch the movie.


Something smells “funny” about the oven. It’s electric so I’m not worried about gas. But it is definitely time to clean it. Tomorrow. Just don’t feel like it today.

Another thing for “The List.” (I need the Infinitely Indexed Memory Bank!!)