It’s Been Forever, I Know.

And I can’t even really tell y’all what the heck I’ve been doing. All the usual around the house; and working willy-nilly on the MILA trying to get that done. Daily walks with SWMBO and the Dog. Several with the Dog.

Getting COLDER outside too. Sucks. Today any standing water is frozen solid. Luba01-04Think it got up to almost 36 degrees today. Maybe.

Did get another 30 day time-out from Facebook! That’s sweet. Posted a quote from Hitler about finally achieving gun control. FB said it went against their (completely arbitrary) community standards. I protested and they came back that they had made a mistake and my post was put back up. HOWEVER, they then went back and “found” 11 previous posts (a couple from last year) that they claim went against their (completely arbitrary) community standards, so the 30 day time-out is still in effect. Bastards. Guess they gotta win. Zuckerberg’s a dick though. He’s the Monica Lewinsky of the tech world.

Otherwise, just not a whole lot (different) happening. Since I can’t spend as much time on FB I’ve been cutting back on Tumblr and READING. I Love Reading! So I’ve dusted off my Kindle Paperwhite and started re-reading the Dragonrider’s of Pern series. There is a strong possibility that I’ll not go back to FB at all cause I want to catch up on my reading.

Oh, we had Thanksgiving on Wednesday cause SWMBO’s Son had to work Thursday. Was okay. They did up a tasty turkey. The rest of the dinner was good too. Stuffed myself; as usual.

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Got a flyer in the mail that The Learning Company had put all their courses “on sale” for $40 or less and I mentioned to SWMBO that it figures they’d have a really great sale when we really couldn’t afford to spend much. So her son and his girl gave me $80 to buy a couple of courses for my Christmas Present. Nice. So I got and “Intro to Geology” and “Geology of our National Parks.” Really interesting stuff. I should have been a Geologist.

Oh, been rebuilding my computer and finally got Linux Mint 17.3 to install. Been reinstalling all the programs I use and pulling all my data off the old drives. THAT was a chore: the old drives came up as unpartitioned and unformatted so I had to use “testdisk” to pull everything off. Mostly worked. Now I’m spending a LOT of time moving things around drive-to-drive until I get everythig where they were and how I like them. I’m kinda picky that way.

Anywho, that’s really about it from around here. Supposed to snow tomorrow morning for  a bit before turning to rain. Cool!

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Write Protect Error on USB Flash Drives

So, my SanDisk Cruzer Glide 64gb drive went “read only” and, after trying a bunch of things on my own (cause I am a Computer Tech Type of Person) and, having none of said things fix the problem, I found this on the SanDisk site:

Write protection errors occur when a flash drive detects a potential fault within itself. The drive will go into write-protected mode to prevent data loss. There is no method to fix this. To verify the issue is related to the flash drive and not your computer we recommend that you try plugging the USB drive into another port on your computer. You should also try the drive on another computer if possible.

Well, gee. Thanks, SanDisk. Guess I won’t be buying any more of their USB drives b_shot0029aif this can happen and can’t be fixed. What a dipshit thing for a company to do! Reminds me of the “click of death” for those old Iomega Zip Drives (of which I had many).

So, what else have I been doing? Nothing.

Well, that’s not really true. I’ve mowed the lawn a couple of times since I last posted. Had Miguel over to give me a guesstimate for his group doing the lower front & back yards and trimming: $130 each time. Excuse me? If I don’t do it myself I’m sure there’s a young person at Church that needs to make $25 a couple times a month. (That’s what I think the jobs worth. It ain’t rocket science. Ride the mower around and get what you can with it then whack-weed the rest. Easy peasy. I just don’t feel like doing it anymore. I can; I just don’t feel like it.)

Been putting the new flooring in the living room. Putting the flooring in is the easy part. Getting up and down and moving around on my old assed knees is the hard part. So it’s been going slowly. Really slowly.

Starting taking the ceiling lights out in the MILA to get it ready for painting. SWMBO picked the colors she wants down there for the walls. Need to take Terra’s stuff out of the storage unit and put it in my side of the garage. I’ll be starting to get rid of what she left after the 30th. Wish that had turned out better.


Last couple of days have been “get naked and walk through the woods” weather days. Yesterday was ruined by a headache that lasted the night before through yesterday preceding the change in weather we’re experiencing today. Temps dropped over 15 degrees for the high today and there’s a chance of rain. Was (supposedly) a chance of thunderstorms yesterday but I never heard any. Bummer.

Anyway, really busy around the house but still getting weaker by the week. Haven’t been to the choir in 3 weeks cause of a sore throat and now blowing snot bubbles when I start any singing. Or bending over. Or standing. Or just trying to live my fookin’ life! Sumer colds are the worst!

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