I’ve Lost My Focus. Mostly Here

I used to post a LOT more than I have been lately. Not sure what exactly the problem is. Probably cause it’s Winter, Dark, Rainy, Dismal, Dreary, and get’s dark WAY too early. Lucky y’all!

Took This In Allyn A Couple Of Years Ago

And, honestly, not a lot going on around here other than SSDD. Did try pushing a Honda (Civic?) off my drain field (where it was delivered after dark by someone that dropped it off (for my Renter) and booked as fast as possible) and thought I was going to die! Chest pains. Dizziness. Shortness of breath. HAD to sit down or fall down. Man! Sucked cause I don’t think that car can weigh in at 1200 lbs. Think I’m getting Old.

Got my new Windows 10 machine in and set up. Ordered a new half-height video card and that came in and was installed with a minimum of fuss. Works great! I have maxed out all the settings in X-Plane, MSFSX, and Lock-On and everything looks great! We’ll see how it holds up to installing and running plug-ins and stuff. So far I am not disappointed. I do need to get a bigger power supply though. Soon.


So, my room is starting to come together rather nicely. Five monitors hooked to 2 desktops with the option of hooking up 2 laptops and have 2 Raspberry Pi3’s doing various things. Also have a Pi3 left over that I’m thinking of turning into a weather station. We’ll see.

But, now that I have a Windows 10 machine (would prefer Windows 7) I’ve moved Open Live Writer to it and now no longer HAVE to run that Windows 7 virtual machine. Which I will keep “just in case.”

Ordering a Yaesu ft-991a in the next few days. Thinking of mounting my 857d in the truck or the Caravan. Probably the truck though cause I can still use the 140/440 in the meantime. Then if we get somewhere and I feel like doing some HF I’ll take the Alpha Antenna out of the tool box, hook it up, and see who I can contact. Probably need to get a smaller tuner though. Hmmm…

Painted Hill in Oregon

SWMBO made London Broil for dinner tonight so I made her Snickerdoodle cookies for a snack.

Yesterday she took me to El Sombrero for dinner. Had way (way!) too many refried beans and am paying for it tonight. Honestly, something died…

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Extreme Wx – Port Orchard Version

Was sitting on the pot when a peal of thunder shook the house so much I actually thought we’d been hit by a truck. There was a Qwest truck in the neighborhood fixing our phone lines (someone took them out in an accident) and I thought maybe they’d lost control and rammed the house.

Then I started hearing reports of “Tornado” and “Gas Leak” and “Going door to door to evacuate” on the police bands. What?


Yep, we had a Tornado in Port Orchard. Did some damage too. Of course it was all over the local (Seattle) News and they absolutely talked it to death. Luckily no one was injured. So, Cool.

b_P1140194Our Internet went down a few days ago. Day before yesterday I spent about 2 hours on the phone with Qwest tech support (thanks, Gerald!) to have him finally assign a tech to come out and check the lines. Yesterday, went to check mail and saw 4 Qwest trucks and a digger working on the telephone lines for our entire subdivision. Seems someone ran off the dirt road into a steel gate and took out the main junction box for all our phone lines. Thanks Anon Driver. They got it fixed yesterday though. Good!

Not a whole lot else going on around here. Me and the Dog manage to make our walks but it is really (really!) wet out there. Ground squishes when you step on it. I’ve never seen so much running and standing water on our property. And we lost another alder. More storms moving in over the next week. Stand by…

Chili-fries for dinner. Cause I can.


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