Another Wet And Windy Day

Monique1cccStopped raining long enough to take the Dog for a couple of walks today. Still really windy though. Cold Wind! We weren’t out long as I figure when my ears get cold, the Dog’s ears are cold; so we come inside.

And this has been my life the past couple of days. It’s either pouring rain or really windy or both. Day before yesterday, it started and all that snow we had melted in about an hour. Made the backyard river in record time this year. All that uphill snow melted, then the added rain, it didn’t take long. So we have 2 inches of water running across the back yard. I check it every so often to be sure it isn’t getting too close to the basement.

Monique3aAlso, I’ve received 8 or so e-mails today about tree’s down, and taking wires with them, all around the Sound. With gusts up to 50 mph I can see it happening. Ain’t much fun to lose power, but it’s gonna happen around here.

Sorry, just not a whole hell of a lot going on what with being stuck inside and all. Once the usual chores are done there’s not much to do except “computer” stuff and picking on the Dog. Walked a mile on the treadmill. (Finally!)

MCARC meeting tomorrow. Got the coffee pot all set to be turned on (like usual).

OMG, I miss summer!

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I Don’t Usually Post On Saturday

Jason04Cause it’s our “date” day and I spend as much time with my lovely young bride as I can. But, we got home early tonight. Took the Missionaries to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese place in Port Orchard and watched them STUFF themselves and came on back home cause they have a time limit they can be out. Which is okay; we knew that before inviting them.

So, SWMBO is off getting her homework started and I’m crashing X-Plane. Asked her if she needed anything at the Safeway, but she thought I’d be making the run by myself. Not happening. But she’s started her homework so I won’t drag her off. 64 years old and sleeping with a COED. Cool!

Now They're Just Teasing!

Other than that, not a whole Hell of a lot going on. Still hasn’t started snowing here. Yet. Looking at the Intelleicast map I don’t see anything even near us. Oh, well. Just means everything will freeze over and the roads will be really slick tomorrow morning.


Nothing going on the radio either. No snow related accidents or anything that I’ve heard since we got home. Sometimes I wonder if the Weather Guessers have any idea what they’re doing.

Watch. Tomorrow we’ll wake up to either 2 feet of snow, or ice over everything.

Girding my loins (as it were) to talk to our Renter tomorrow. Rent is due the 1st and here it is the 7th and nada. I hate confrontation though. I’ll do it; but I don’t enjoy it. He’s been a pretty good renter. Just broke up with his girl so I know he’s not thinking “rent” right now. Still, I don’t think his problems should become my problem.

Anywho, that’s about it. Think I’ll pick a movie to watch before going to lay down and read. I must be getting old cause it’s only 1930 and I’m already thinking of going to lay down and read.

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