What Kind Of Perverse God?

Would think “I’m going to create Man. He’s going to be stupider than the other Gods but slightly smarter than animals. AND as he get’s older, the hair on his head will thin and turn gray. BUT, the hair on his back and arms will get bushier and darker the older he gets.” (And then there’s that nose-hair and ear-hair but let’s not go there.)

2017-11-14 12.07.46

Stormy the past couple of days. Lots of wind and rain. Trees down all over. Multiple reports of power lines down (and one power lines down across an occupied car). Right now there’s over 20k people without power. More of the same expected for this afternoon (but maybe not as severe as yesterday).

SWMBO texted me from the ferry last night. Seems she had a rough ride! She made it home safe though. Her son had a rough day yesterday with the Wx and flat tires and getting up late and more; but he survived also.

Dog and I did manage one walk before it really started coming down. Tried to keep him occupied in the big room chasing balls and playing tug-rope but I *do* have things to do.He’s gonna have to get used to keeping himself entertained.

So, got back online and managed to refill my Rx’s. Man, that new MHS Genesis shit is confusing. Plus, my Doc isn’t set up on it so it’s impossible to message him or make an appointment. Calling Tricare For Life Helpline is a total waste of time too. I tried. I was so frustrated I made a batch of Peanut Butter Cookies!

Got this back in reply to my “feedback:”

There are currently no medical records available for you in the MHS GENESIS EHR. Check back after your first visit with your healthcare team or PCM or contact their office.

The TOL Patient Portal (www.tricaare online.com) will only display Historical Data for Madigan and it’s Satellite Medical Facilities.

All Fort Lewis /Madigan and it’s Satellites Medical Facilities  are using the MHS GENESIS electronic medical records system. Please call your local MTF appointment line for further assistance with Web appointing using the Patient Portal.

So, if there are NO records for me (which I have seen BTW) then why (WHY?) am I being forced to use a system that can’t help me? This being run by the VA or something? Still, it really looks like a canned answer from folks that have absolutely no idea what the Hell they’re doing. (AmIRight?)


Made an appointment for a carpet cleaner to come by this afternoon. Will cost about $120 for the one room; but that’s worth it to me! Means I don’t have to go to Safeway and rent a shampooer and buy the chemicals and do it myself. Which would also probably cost me about $120 if you factor in everything. (It went well. They were here only about an hour and the carpet really looks clean! Smelly, but clean.)

COSTCO rescheduled their guy that’s going to come over and estimate how much to install one of those tankless water heaters. And I saw one of their space heater thingies that would work well for the basement. It’ll be spendy but would make things a bit better around here.

Do This Right Away: Put a couple scoops of vanilla bean ice cream in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of my homemade blackberry jelly. Eat. Yummy!

Anywho, SWMBO is home and eating her dinner. Think I’m just going to take it easy until time to go lay down.

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Lard Fries. Wonderful Lard Fries.

BCWC024aIt was time. Been raining pretty hard off and on and it was just time for my annual treat. So I picked up a container of LARD and made my annual batch of fries. Lard Fries. Fries that taste as they used to at Mcdonald’s and other “fast food” places before the Health Nazi’s took over and ruined everything. Hot Crispy Lard Fries that harden your arteries but mellow your soul. Lard Fries that make your balls tingle.

So I made a second batch. That’ll do for another year.

Sorry I haven’t been regularly posting lately. It’s End Of Summer and I’ve been outside a lot trying to get things done before the Winter Wet sets in. And walking the Dog.

The big project is trying to finish off the front steps. By the time I move/reposition 5 or 6 of those manor stone, and shovel a butt-ton of dirt, I’m pretty much done in for awhile. So that’s going kind of slow.


Plus the fact that I have absolutely no fucking idea what I’m doing. Masonry was not one of my aquired skills at any time in my life. What I’ve done looks so bad (to me) that Im seriously considering a contractor/masonry dude to redo the job. Unless it costs over $1k; then I’ll probably go with my crappy job.

2017-09-22 14.27.37

As you’ve probably guessed; the weather is a changing around here. Had a couple of dark cloudy days and a couple of heavy downpour days and all the leaves are turning colors. Been rather cool too. Enough so that I could worry about the garden finishing off. May have to bring SWMBO’s maters in early and let them get paper-sack ripe.

Getting light later (which I hate) and darker earlier (which I hate). I should move to Guam.

Watching The 2017 EclipsePlus: I’m falling apart. Used to be the Dog and I would walk 4-5 miles a day. Now we’re lucky to make it a mile throughout the day. My legs get really tired walking up the driveway to the dirt road that leads to the main dirt road. By the time we make one circuit of our 1/2 mile walk I’m done for awhile. Don’t get short of breath. Do get dizzy and hella tired feeling. Think I’m getting old. I mean Old.

I thought quitting smoking was supposed to make one healthier. Have had no nicotine for months. Don’t drink alcohol. Only climb on the roof occasionally. I just don’t know.

Anywho. Let’s see how today goes.

How it went: Phone holster thingie broke when I sat down. Seems to be the only substance on this planet that super glue won’t stick to. Drive 0 in the NAS went TU and I had to emergency replace it. Now I need to buy a couple more 5TB drives “just in case.” (But it seems the rebuild function worked perfectly! Great!)

Made a psuedo-BBQ Pork Chop with baked tater and mixed veggies for dinner. Yummy!

We got to pick SWMBO up at the QFC tonight! Woo Woo!

Think I’ll go watch “Adam Ruins …”

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