Wow. Almost Got Warm Outside Today.

Taste1Again. SSDD. Except the sun was out and it got kind of nice out there. So me and the Dog got out and tried a couple of things to get my long-wire antenna up again. None of which worked, of course.

First I hooked fishing line to the drone and made a couple of attempts to get over the tree. Almost worked the first time! Wasn’t quite as far around the tree as I thought. My other attempts were dismal failures in that it was just too breezy to have good control over the drove. And I almost got it hung up in the tree.

So, tennis ball gun. Ball went right where I wanted it first shot. Fishing line went right where I wanted it to. Fishing line got caught up and the ball is now hanging about 30 feet up. Kind of inaccessable to an fat, old, guy like me. So I’m leaving it in place, with plenty of extra string, to see if the wind will work it down to where I’ll be able to grab it. We’ll see.

NC349-05Was really nicer outside. Took the Dog for a couple of walks. He’s a warm Wx Dog for sure. Been antsy all day. I’ve been busy doing Club finances and putting together those cansolidator thingies SWMBO bought and haven’t been able to pay that much attention to him. So I chased him around the big room for awhile. He’s getting to where he’ll “fight” with me. Cool!

The Monday evening NMARES 2-meter Net went well. Everyone was scratchy;  but everyone is always scratchy on this repeater.

SWMBO is home and in doing her homework. Dog is finally getting calmed down. Think I’ll go read a bit.

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Another Wet And Windy Day

Monique1cccStopped raining long enough to take the Dog for a couple of walks today. Still really windy though. Cold Wind! We weren’t out long as I figure when my ears get cold, the Dog’s ears are cold; so we come inside.

And this has been my life the past couple of days. It’s either pouring rain or really windy or both. Day before yesterday, it started and all that snow we had melted in about an hour. Made the backyard river in record time this year. All that uphill snow melted, then the added rain, it didn’t take long. So we have 2 inches of water running across the back yard. I check it every so often to be sure it isn’t getting too close to the basement.

Monique3aAlso, I’ve received 8 or so e-mails today about tree’s down, and taking wires with them, all around the Sound. With gusts up to 50 mph I can see it happening. Ain’t much fun to lose power, but it’s gonna happen around here.

Sorry, just not a whole hell of a lot going on what with being stuck inside and all. Once the usual chores are done there’s not much to do except “computer” stuff and picking on the Dog. Walked a mile on the treadmill. (Finally!)

MCARC meeting tomorrow. Got the coffee pot all set to be turned on (like usual).

OMG, I miss summer!

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