More Wx On The Way!

According to the Weather Weenies we’re going to get several inches of snow tumblr_pcdp4e7JoL1u1b4w2o1_500-removebgaround here starting Friday. Good thing it’ll be the weekend cause anything over a light dusting and this place just falls apart. You think I’m kidding?! NOT! If there’s more than an inch of snow on the ground Monday traffic will grind to a halt. Schools will close. Belfair won’t unroll the sidewalks. Neither of the two of them.

Been doing a “Lost In Space” marathon. TWO DAYS and I’m not even all the way through season 1. Each episode is 51+ minutes; not like the 40 (or so if we’re lucky) minutes we get now. Still, Doctor Zachery Smith reminds me a lot of Sheldon Cooper. Or versa visa. Either way both are asshats.

So, didn’t finish this or post it last night. Obviously. Got busy being with SWMBO. Barely checked in for the MCARC Wednesday Net.

Updated Wx report: Possibility of 2 feet (or more) of snow locally over the next week. Next storm should drop around 8 inches and the one after that (Monday-Wednesday) should drop the rest. Or Could, I should say. Nothing is written in stone around here when it comes to the Wx.

Part of Our Daily Path

Dog and I are freezing our asses off on our walks though. All our puddles and pools of water are frozen over. Digging into SWMBO’s tater bed the top 2 inches of dirt are frozen solid. Taters are probably ruined. Pretty sure new one’s will grow this summer. Maybe a sheet of glass with a 3” gap over the top during the winter?

Anywho, really not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. Think I’m getting pretty tired of Dr. Zachery Smith and his antics. Dog and I have been on more walks. Started looking through the trees to see where I want to shoot another line to fix my long wire antenna. (May need some help with that job!)

Think we’ll just chill for the rest of the day. Maybe.

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Did Hypatia Cade Ever Find The EsKay Homeworld?

Personally, I’d like to know. The story is only half finished.

Not a lot going on around here. Several more days of snow but it all got washed away by the rain last night. Supposed to snow again some over the next couple of days. Cool! Way prefer snow instead of rain.


Been too cool around here. Cold, actually. Dog and I get our walks in as fast as we can. Well, as fast as I can. He moves a LOT faster than I do.

Our date day last Saturday didn’t go very well as SWMBO wasn’t feeling good. She wanted to go to the teriyaki place in Gig Harbor but really only had soup. Her stomach was hurting so we did some Man-Shopping at Albertson’s and came on home. She’s pretty much been stuck in her chair in the living room since. Sunday evening and she really isn’t feeling much better.

Re-partitioned and re-formatted one of those 5 TB drives and have been ripping my blu ray’s to it to see how many uncompressed movies it’ll hold. Filled about half the thing so far and it has only 85 movies. Think I’ll hook it up to the big tv and see how they look.


Oh, the NMARES meeting last Thursday went well. That club is starting to be more interesting than the South Club. Go figure. Waiting on the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net now …

And that’s really it. Will be glad when Winter finally passes. Home I live to see summer!

And Mariah: I sure feel sorry for you. Too bad you didn’t allow me to answer your hate mail.

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