Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

Of the list of symptoms, I have or have had:

  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Light-headedness and dizziness
  • Palpitations and rapid heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
  • Difficulty walking
  • Muscle weakness
  • Irritability (but don’t get me started!)

GPNG-006No way to tell if the Depression is any worse than normal since I’m a diagnosed Depression freak. Doesn’t really feel any worse but I use a lot of “self-talk” in my day anyway.

So, SWMBO bought me some B12 tablets at COSTCO yesterday and I’m going to take one a day “just in case.” Nothing I can find about overdosing on B12 seems to be really dangerous so I’m not really worried about it. And if it makes me feel better then any danger from an overdose is worth it.

Not a whole lot else going on since it’s off and on raining and cold out. Me and the Dog been on a couple of walks way bundled up and mostly waterproof. Mostly staying in side though.

Hooked my old laser disc player up to that monitor I put together for SWMBO and have been playing “War of the Worlds” on it just to see if it all still works. Works. Picture doesn’t seem to be as sharp as I remember it; but tthat may be the monitor I’m using. Although it’s a newer monitor. Hmmm…


Started setting the new pi 3 up for radio stuff. Nothing seemed to be working until I remembered to hook up the various interfaces so things like the Signalink would work! Duh! Got to feeling really tired though so I still have things to do later.

Anywho, think I’ll go lay down and read a bit.

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Rainy Friday. So We Burned Trash.

So, thinking of buying a MikroTik RB2011UiAS-RM Routerboard Rackmount 5xLAN 5xGbit LAN 1xSFP for my office because I really need more ethernet connections. Every time I turn around I’m adding something that needs the Internet or Network. The 4-port router I have now just ain’t cuttin’ the mustard.

Faster Internet would be a real boon too. This DSL is fine; but wish we had something faster out here in the boonies.

Added another Raspberry Pi3 with working wi-fi and bluetooth (but haven’t gotten the bluetooth to work yet). Still trying to find the MAC to add it to the list of devices that can access the Network. Until then I’m unplugging something from the network and plugging this in. Pain in the ass!


Setting up the radio Pi to be a print/scanner server and it ain’t turning out to be an easy thing to do. Lots of things to manually install and set up. I’ll get it; it just ain’t gonna be quick. Would be nice to get rid of the Windows XP computer sitting there though. Hang the Pi on the wall and free up some counter top space.

Got my 857d back! Woo Woo! It seems to be working just fine and I already have it set up to scan 10,20,40,80,160 meters and letting it run for awhile. Got to get completely set up for Field Day before Field Day. Still deciding between the laptop or the new Pi3 since I’ll be doing psk31/digital modes.


Like the headline says: it rained pretty much all danged day so we burned the burnables. Only made half our walks cause neither of us really wanted to stay out in the rain. Yesterday was so nice! Supposed to be the possibility of Thunder storms tomorrow. Sure. Pigs fly too.

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