When I Turn My Tablet Off

A prompt pops up with “Shutdown””, “Reboot,” and something else (senior moment). Tap on Shutdown. Another prompt comes up saying “This will turn off tablet” and requires I tap on okay. Why? I already held down the power button to shut the damned thing down so quit “asking” me if that’s what I really want to do by making me choose two (2!) more things to shut the damned thing down. Sheesh!

Garden Is Doing Good!

Took SWMBO to the ferry this morning. Wanted to stop by the rental place on the way home and see how much a tractor with one of those box scraper thingies would cost for a day; but didn’t think they’d be open at 0545 in the morning. So I just came on home.

Beech01aBeech02aMade a dump run. Both cans were full. Been raining off and on but managed to make the dump run between bouts. Which was nice. If you gotta make a dump run anyway.

Other than that not doing too much. Regular chores. Rode 5 miles on the bike thingie. Nuked myself a chicken pot pie for dinner. Kicked the Dog around some. Started straightening up the Big Room but didn’t get a whole lot done. (Need to find a home for that rocking chair SWMBO doesn’t want anymore. And the old big tv.)

The MCARC 2-meter Chat Net went well. So now I’m playing with our NAS and Router to see what I can do with them. (NAS won’t access the Internet for some reason. Gotta find that reason!)

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Oh, Yeah. Got A Little Wet Out There Today.

So incredibly beautifulStarting around 1545, in the space of about 30 minutes, we had 5 distinct, separate, downpours. It was crazy! The first one I had braved the rain to go to the Caravan and I was stuck out there for about 8 minutes. It really came down! (The rain. Not the Caravan.) Sounded great! Didn’t get any lightning or thunder though. Bummer!

So, as you can guess, I didn’t get outside much today. Mostly I spent a good portion of today cleaning up my office, desktops, and crawling around under the desktops tacking up wires (cause I hate wires.) Wanted to get them out of the way and quit snagging them with my toes/feet all the time.


That and scanning SWMBO’s pictures. And I’ve been uploading the pictures I took at the last Belfair Bites and Bremerton Airport Flyin earlier this month to my personal gallery. That’s been going for about 4 hours now and is only about 50% done. I may btkw02akill it (the uploading) and continue it tomorrow. Yep, 408 files uploaded with 499 go go.

And I got all my usual chores done too. Went the really easy way for dinner and just warmed up a can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew. Think I’ll just relax until time to go pick SWMBO up at the QFC today.

It rained most of the way to pick her up, most of the time I waited, and most all the way back home. Welcome to Western WaRshington beginning of Winter! Always wet. Always gloomy.

Looks like I’ll be inside most of this Labor Day weekend. (And SWMBO has Monday off. Maybe a day trip somewhere?)

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