Pressure Washing The Roof

SWMBO is really worried about me climbing on the roof when no one else is home to call if I fall. I can sympathize, but, if I don’t climb up there and do the job, who will? Her Son? Not likely. The Renter? Again, not likely. I could hire someone; but, at $3 a square foot, we’re talking some real money.


So, I spent a couple of hours yesterday up on the roof with the pressure washer and still got only about 1/3 of one side done. Legs got really tired from standing at an angle. Got hot too! Sun was really shining down. (Which I like.)

And I’m about to get my morning absolutions done and climb back up there for another couple of hours. Hopefully I will complete at least the Eastern side of the roof today. Hopefully.


Other than that, spent a lot of time just laying out in the Sunshine yesterday. I just have to take advantage of sunshine and heat when we have it up in the NorthWest. It’s impossible for me to not get outside in nice weather.

Nope. Not getting any of the roof done today. Got it all hooked up, started, up on the roof, only to find that I hadn’t turned the water on. Damn! By the time I climbed down the pressure washer stopped running. Have not been able to get it to restart. Probably needs to cool down and I may try later. May. Sun’s really shining though. And warm! Hmmm…


So, I laid out about an hour. Or so. Was nice. I’m already starting to look tanned in the shower. Cool! I do pity anyone that drops by unexpectedly though.

Anywho, it’s way later, SWMBO is home. Think I’ll go spend some time with her. She’s worth it!

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1st Get Naked And Lay Out Day 2016!

Between tearing apart one of my raised bed planters (dressed, unfortunately, cause I don’t want to gross out the Renter’s Girlfriend) and assembling the new whack weeder (putting the blade head on), and just laying out, I managed to stay outside from around 100 to 1600. Nice! Started planning how to pressure wash the roof this week. (Probably dressed cause the Neighbors-From-Hell would probably complain about a Naked Old Guy pressure washing his roof. Bastards!)


I never in a million years thought I’d live someplace that 67 degrees would feel really nice! But around here a sunny 67 degrees is nice. I hate this place.


Really. That was all of my day. Not real productive but got some things started that I’ve needed to get started. . Microwaved myself a lasagna (individual serving) for dinner just cause. MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well with 12 check-ins. About time for SWMBO to get home

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