Turned Into A Nice Afternoon

I got to view the total eclipse last August. I’m still awestruck with the moment of totality. There was a big, black, hole in the sky that could have been an entry to another dememsion or a space-gate or some sci-fi thing like that. Cool As Fuck!


Spent part of the day helping one of the guys from the South Club (MCARC) get familiar with how to post to our web site and how to install “stuff” in Linux. Was fun. (I don’t get a lot of visitors. I even forget to offer coffee or soda’s cause I’m just not used to visitors.) Glad if he learned something though. (Even if it was just to NOT try to learn anything from me!)

Luba01-05Then spent a couple of hours painting the doors I started on yesterday. Hooked up this electric paint sprayer thingie and it sorta kinda worked. I feel it made more mess than anything. Would be working just fine but would suddenly spit out a stream of paint. Have a dozen places I’ll need to sand down and touch up. So much for getting things done the easy way.

Sun feels nice when it comes out. Lots of clouds and some drizzle this morning. Sure will be glad when Summer gets here! But it looks like this afternoon is going to heat up a bit. Yay! It did. When me and the Dog drove down to check mail I forgot I wasn’t wearing anything. Made it safely. Thenk goodness.

Oh, had two visits by the Mason County Sheriff’s yesterday. One asked me to pass on his number so my renter doesn’t get “contempt” charges against her for not letting the Ex- get his stuff. Done. She called.

The other was the Sheriff asking me if I’d been contacted by the ex-boyfriend. Turns out he’s been breaking the “No Contact” order about 20+ times a day (by texting my Renter and contacting her on Social) AND he’s not supposed to be contacting me either (since I could have an impact on what my Renter does by threatening to evict her, whatever. Not that I would!) So, the Mason County Prosecutor is going to charge the ex-boyfriend with about 200 No Contact violations. Which will add time to the Assault 2 (federal) charges and possible sentencing. Poor guy just keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper. Idiot.


Door are back in where they belong. They do look a bit better. Not good enough to justify this backache though! I’m getting old.

Oh, part two: got a phone call from the New York office of the Internal Revenue Service. Seems I’m SERIOUSLY behind in my tax payments (to the tune of $93,000.00) and they’d sure like to talk to me. I am to please call during normal business hours to rectify the situation. 1-929-800-4786 if anyone would like to make that call for me.

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Clothes? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need No … Clothes.

GPNG-010What a NICE day! About 85 and sunny all day. (Well, not early morning. It was only 50 degrees then. It got warmer though. Anywho…) Dog and I spent as much time outside as we could. He’s NOT a warm Wx Dog! Nope. I went on one of my many walks around the back 40 today, told him he could stay behind if he wanted, and he did! Dork!

Started taking out the Doors leading to the deck to clean and repaint them. Not going to be able to separate the layers of glass and clean the inside like I was hoping I could. Would be too hard to get them back together. Ah well. At least everything else will look good. SWMBO may still decide to get new doors though so I’m waiting until GPNG-020she gets home to make the final decision as to painting them or not. Cause I’m smart that way.

Not a whole Hell of a lot gonig on around here. Just being outside and doing things there while the great Wx lasts. Supposed to be 10 degrees cooler tomorrow. Figures.

My Ex-Renter just called. Again. He pretty much lost me this time. He thought I was a pretty decent person until I evected him for getting arrested for kidnapping/assault. I heard him slam Her against the wall and yell “Fuck You” several times. I heard that. Now he wants his cleaning deposit (after paying half the rent a month for a year when his last girl walked out on him) and bringing this much drama (and the police) into my life. He’ll get it back: minus whatever it costs me to get rid of those heavy assed shelves and whatever junk he leaves here once he’s got “his stuff” out. I quit following him on FB cause I just got tired of the drama and pity party posts. Fuck! I hate being pulled into other people’s drama.

GPNG-0118He also wants me to pay for a couple months of electricity. Not happening. He should have gone down and cancelled service way back when instead of letting it build up. Not my fault. Not my job to fix. Not my responsibility to pay it off.

I did get the electric put in my name. Turns out the power was shut off last week sometime. So we’ve been slowly filling the septic since the power for it comes from the MILA. Shit. So I made a run to the electric office and did that. At least we can shit again without worrying the toilet will back up. Just hope I don’t get stiffed for the payment every month.

And that’s pretty much it. NMARES Monday evening Net went well. SWMBO is home and fed and settled in for the evening. Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit.

God, I love Summer!

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