Holy Hell I Can Be A Lazy Turd!

But, that’s the joys of home ownership I guess. Got off my ass and worked on the front steps a bit more today. Moved some more dirt. Need to buy 20 (or so) more Manor Stone(s). Need about 20 80-lb bags of cement too.

BeechD50D- If someone was to build this in X-Plane I'd buy it.

Got a bill in the mail from the Good-To-Go folks for $7 complete with threats to “PAY NOW” or else. So, why do I have $60 in my GTG Account when they never automatically use it? You can bet they won’t just refund my money either. Once the “Government” gets hold of your money they don’t let it go very easily. So I get to call customer service, again, and go through all that crap, again. Dipshidiots.

Also got a recall fix-it letter from Chevy. Seems that during low-speed turns I can “experience a temporary loss of electric power steering.” Joy. So I get to call and make an appointment for that. Or just make high-speed turns from now on.


One of the guys from the Club has replaced all his solar panels and is offering me the old panels for $15 each. Says they all still work fine but need some cleaning up and TLC. I’m gonna go look at them tomorrow. If they work, I figure I’ll use 2 to keep my radio battery charged and 2 for the Caravan. Will have to figure out a bracket and maybe a couple more batteries for the back of my truck. We’ll see.

Could also use them to run a heater in the Caravan during the coldest part of the winter. Hmmm…

Not a whole Hell of a lot going on. SWMBO is home and fed. YouTube has shown me several War movies today and is now pushing Battle of the Worlds (1961) but I’m about to go lay down and read a bit.

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I Think I’m Going Back To Reading

nc008-02I miss it. Spend way too much time on “social media,” ie: Facebook or Tumblr (but mostly FB) and not really reading any more. Books. I miss reading a good book.

Nice out side today. Got up to around 80 degrees and the Sun was mostly out. Nice enough this afternoon to lay out an hour or so. Nice. Gonna miss it. Looks like Thursday (next) will be the actual last day of me and the Dog taking off all our clothes and going for a walk around the back 40 for the summer. Bummer.

Helped our Renters pick up some shelves at the local junk store. Faith in Action I think. Yeah. Gawd those things were heavy! (OR I’m just fookin’ Old now!) We got two of them in the back of my truck and managed to get them unloaded at the house without tearing them up too bad. Heavy but I don’t mind tat10helping. Nice to feel somewhat needed sometimes.

Started up the Pi with Ubuntu on it and have been running psk31 all afternoon. Tried calling AB3ML just to see how far my signal got out. Using that multi-band fan dipole I built 7 years ago (that the plastic is falling off the actual wires from exposure) and a measly 15 watts my signal was picked up all the way over in New York. And places between too. Not bad.

Mostly I was doing it to see if using the pi and Ubunto would reset my radio like it did a couple of weeks ago. Once when I transmitted it reset it back to factory settings on everything and wiped the memorys. That really sucked! Can’t get the radio to connect to CHIRP on the Pi or the Laptop either so I had to manually start putting stuff back. Luckily, so far, it hasn’t reset the radio. I’ll keep playing with it though. And the radio.

Had a headache most all of yesterday. When I went to bed I froze my brain, went right to sleep, and didn’t wake up until 0700 this morning. Think I’ll try that again tonight. (Don’t have a headache but who knows!)

Anywho, SWMBO is home. Think I’ll go visit before laying down and READING!

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