Wacka Wacka Wacka.

floaty07Been kinda sorta mostly busy doing the things around the house I been meaning to do. Working on the front steps (man! Tired of shoveling dirt and moving manor stones!) until it gets too warm.

Gardening (things are growing great!). Yesterday I mowed all the lawns. Today I whack-weeded most of them. Also got out the tri-blade whack-weeder and went after some of those black berry bushes trying to take over the back yards. Took out a lot of those! (Not as many as I need to, but, hey, some at least.)

Picked about 5 lbs of blackberries and boiled them down. Strained most of the pulp out and have about a half-gallon of blackberry juice I can do stuff with now. I may pick some more.

MAY have a space in a RV park in Scio, Oregon to watch the eclipse from. Gotta call tomorrow to make sure of it. If not, for some reason, I’ll probably just get up at zero-dark-thirty that morning and drive to John Day and watch it from the side of the road. Bout tempted to do that anyway. Would be easier.

Been mostly hot around here Wx wise. Had some rain last Saturday night-Sunday morning. We needed it but I sure wouldn’t want to get in the habit of having it around a lot. (Dreading this winter. Really dreading it.)

Speaking of which; the salmon-counting station has been set up down by the river so summer is just about over. Now I check the tree-of-winter-doom for color changes every day. Once that process starts summer will really be over.

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Well Double Damn Damn

Loaded a bunch of scrap wood into my truck yesterday; filled the bed completely. Then today took it over to my friends house for him to use instead of tires or oil or whatever will burn, only to find that he died FOUR FREAKIN’ MONTHS AGO! Well, Fuck. Philip was only 80 but still fairly active.

One of his neighbors saw me “hanging about” and came out and told me. He wasn’t feeling well and went into the hospital on a Monday and died Wednesday. FOUR FREAKIN’ MONTHS AGO! He left everything he owned to a neighbor’s 17 year old kid so all that’s taken care of.

Looking Forward To The Eclipse on the 21st

And, although we weren’t the closest “hang around each other every week or so” friends, I’ll still kind of miss him and him always asking when SWMBO and I were going to move back into the neighborhood. Bye, Philip. Have fun.

Not a whole lot else going on. Dog and I unloaded the truck when we got back home. I’ll slowly burn all that when the weather shifts and the burn ban is taken away. Worked on the front steps some more; making changes is a bitch to get done! Too much dirt to shovel.


Making sure my batteries are charged and everything’s ready for Belfair Bites tomorrow. We’lll see how good pictures my new camera takes of those classic cars. Not taking the Dog.

And we got to pick SWMBO up at the QFC tonight. Always a pleasure!

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