I Am So Depressed.

Part of it is the immenent return of Winter. All that rain and cold and dark. Part of it is my Renter. Part of it is my Lovely-Young-Bride of almost 32 years. Part of it is I’m pretty tired of something hurting all the damned time. Part of it is that I spend WAY too much time alone. Part of it is that Im just fuckin’ Old.


Saw my new Doc last week. That was a waste of time. Could not get him off whatever his agenda was and on to what was bothering me. BAck in my day, if a patient had complained of foot or knee pain, we were taught to get them up on the exam table and actually DO an exam. Range of Motion, Does This Hurt? All that stuff.

Not this Doctor. Oh, sure, for the knee pain he said “probably degenerative osteo(someting). We could inject some steroids to see if that would help.” All this without an actual exam. He’s Good!

And, you’d think that when an OLD GUY says “I get chest pains in my upper left chest when I exert myself.” that the Doc would get one’s shirt off so he could listen to your heart and lungs. Nope. You’d be mistaken.


But he did order a echocardiogram and CT scan because I used to smoke.

Got My Tower Up! Mostly. Bunch of the guys came over the 22nd and spent about 3 hours getting it up. Rained the whole damn time! They did a fantastic job. Now I need to get the rotator ordered, antenna built and mounted and the last section up and I’ll be cooking with gas! I’ve tried climbing it. I can get about half way up before my knee hurts too much to go further, AND, even though my mind says I’m doing fine, my ASS says it ain’t going any farther. Stupid Ass!

NMARES meeting went really good tonight. Way more interesting than the South Club meetings.

Dang! Was so tired I forgot to post this last night.

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Prodrome 1013 to 1045 Today

Yep. Was sitting on the pot, reading, when, all of a sudden, there is this area of “heat wave” in my eyes. Shit. Once the visiual scintillations disappeared beyond the edge of my visiion, the “why don’t you just fookin’ kill me” headache started. Needless to say, I was pretty useless all day.

2017-09-29 09.46.04

Pain didn’t last long this time though. No idea why. Intenst for about an hour then not. No idea why. Could have been because I was laying down with the icebag on my head; but I don’t know.

Anywho, not much good for the rest of the day. Did manage to go on some walks for the Dog. Mail run. Dishes. That’s about it.


Did light off the Pi and load fldigi and some other Ham related stuff. Uninstalled some of the bloatware that it came installed with. Fldigi is working fine and didn’t reset my radio when I tried transmitting on 14.070.5 USB; so that was good. Picked up some pretty good signals but still need to buy another manual tuner before too much longer. Ah well.

Gotta order a waterbed too. 10-15 bags of cement. need 3 100ft lenghts of coax with pl-259 connectors. Jinpole. Shorwave radio. New desktop Ham radio. Probably a shit-load of other things I just can’t remember right now. Waterbed is the priority though.

Anywho, almost forgot to go pick SWMBO up at the QFC tonight. Didn’t remember it was Friday until 1910. Shit! Emergency load out of the Dog and off we go. She had to stand and wait a couple of minutes but we made it. Of course her bus got in a few minutes early tonight! Of course.

So now we be home. Which is good.

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