I Am So Boring!

Haven’t posted cause my life is boring as fuck. I spend my days hobbling around like an old guy with knee and foot pains (Hey!) and not a whole lot to do cause I’m “retired.”

Oh, I make my bank runs and things like that; but mostly I hang around the house “doing things.” Nothing that really matters; but something. Yes, I usually start my day by making the bed. At least I accomplish one thing every day.

2018-08-04 08.17.50

Wx has been fairly nice though. Cooler (to cold) in the morning but really nice in the afternoon. Have got to lay out a couple of times. Except for the crap going on with me I’ve been really enjoying our morning walks.

Need some help finishing up the front “stoop” (steps, porch, whatever) so a friend came over to give me an estimate for him to finish it. I can live with what he came up with so he’ll be starting tomorrow. Cool! Now I gotta hope rent gets paid.

The New Doctor Who.


Made overdone peanut butter cookies form my Schweetie today. Also made Pot Roast with mushrooms as a one-pot meal. It was pretty good and the meat wasn’t too tough.

Can you tell I’m just rambling now? That happens when you just live an ordinary every-day life in the US.

I could fill pages about my Renter right now; but I really think I ought not to.


Physically I’m going to shit. Mentally I’m the same as I’ve always been: Fucked Up. Sixty-six and I’m still trying to work it out.

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Anytime The Headaches Want To Stop Is Ok With Me

butt04cJust not a lot going on around here. Foot and knee are still hurting. Get a headache every other day or so. It’s raining off and on. Getting colder and darker and, OH MY GOD, the Sun is going down! WTF?

Just kidding. Sorta. Really not a lot going on around here cause I’m still retired and just don’t get out much. Saturday date with SWMBO. BUT, I did get to go on a mid-week “date” with her last Wednesday. She had the day off to do Dental stuff and we spent the day together. Even made a COSTCO run.

Which really threw me off cause I kept thinking it was Saturday. I suppose if we had not eaten and gone shopping I wouldn’t have been confused! Getting Old.

000My Renter is still driving me fookin’ nuts. I’m beginning to think she’s trying to get evicted. I know she’s having a hard time working and all (and Adulting), but if she’d come up and talk to me we could work something out. I’ve already agreed to lower the rent for two months while she looks for a roomie. But, without talking I have no idea what’s going on.

Meanwhile, rent is late every month and I usually have to remind her it’s due. I shouldn’t have to go to her for rent. She’s still behind for part of last month’s rent and electric and all I’ve heard is “I’m gonna do this …” but nothing’s done.

Not that it’s all bad. It’s just we don’t get along as well as we used to. And that kinda bums me out. (And NO Im not having those kind of fantasies!)

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for tonight. About 1930 I suddenly get really tired and my head will start to hurt. I hate Winter coming on!

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