Well, That Was Interesting …

Nothings really changed since I last posted. We were still on lockdown until last Sunday. I got another 30 day “time out” from Facebook (if I haven’t mentioned it). SWMBO and I still go for our Friday date and both of us will be glad to be able to go to a sit-down soon.

Oh, we had a couple of hours of Thunder the other day. That was fun. My new (well, almost new) camera caught the sound pretty good but all the lightning was away from us. Which was good as far as RADIO TOWER goes.

And that’s it. Not feeling well …

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Back In Facebook Jail For 30 Days!

I know I haven’t been posting much here. Sorry about that. The only things happening are SSDD; even with the lockdown for the pandemic. Which I don’t agree with. Don’t get me started.

So, yesterday I took a bunch of pictures of the mess left over down in the MILA parking and posted it to FB. (Already had one guy, who knew Terra, come over and take some stuff.) Getting LOTS of messages through Messenger of people interested in taking some of the stuff; but I can’t answer.

About an hour into my posts I get dinged for the following picture and put in Facebook Jail for another 29 days and 23 hours. WTF? And they dinged me for Nudity and Sex!  I’ve seen more “nudity” in those butt-less bikini’s being posted and if FB think’s this is “sex” then I’d have to wonder where their heads are themselves.


And, of course, I was allowed to challenge their decision. To no avail. They didnt even look at my challenge. What a bunch of wankers.

8c198fe43c901fd66c525d6fed333c01So I’m probably through with Facebook.

Otherwise everthings pretty “normal” around here. Getting things done in the MILA. Straightening up the basement and getting things where they belong.

Was finally nice enough to get out and mow the yards today. Summer is taking it’s dang time to get here! Had to wear my coat today.

I’m thinking I’m going to move to Arizona. I’m purely sick of this Western WaRshington shit.

Still doing the 2-meter nets on net nights. Our club has been having a “Virus Net” every night at 1945 until whenever. Those have been interesting.

Garden is coming in good. Got our pantry put back together. Need a new hose.

Might be able to get some real reading done now that I can’t FB. That’ll be good.

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