Really Nice Outside! Really Nice.

Nicole in "Invasion"

Yep, this morning started rather early today. 0515 as usual, but it just felt earlier. I sure wouldn’t mind one night of uninterrupted sleep! Just 7 hours.

Been “playing” with a program, gif2apng, that turns .gif files into animated .png files. Then I got to “playing” with my WordPress trying to increase the upload limit cause making .gif’s under 2 mb is a real pain sometimes. I just want 5 mb is all!

I was able to include this 3.7 mb file by manually uploading it then linking to it, but, I want to be able to just include it here and have it upload.

Found 7 copies of this picture from where I tried uploading by just making a regular post and it kept erroring out. I just don’t know.Forbidden00b_thumb.gif

Anywho, I’ve probably bored you to tears with all this technical stuff. On to my usual Friday! (Well, mostly usual.)

bi03ssSo I went to my friend’s and picked up my new rider-mower. Bad solenoid. Cost me $100 to get it all fixed; more than worth it since the rider-mower was given to me in the first place. Injured myself taking it off the truck at home. Damned Klutzy POS! Works great though. Already mowed the back yard. Works just fine.

So I mowed the front-lower yard too. Then moved the Caravan to a different place in the yard getting ready for when I rent a digger for a day. Nice out there!

I’m done for the day. It’s 1600 and I should start to figure out what I’m going to fix myself for dinner. Or I may just go get taco’s while picking SWMBO up at the QFC @ 1915 this evening. Kind of late for me to be eating but I can handle it. I think.

I gotta reboot my computer into Windows and get the MCARC bank statements and get those printed out before bedtime. Might as well get that done! (Posting WAY early.)

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Dog Poop Flying All Over The Place!

Bond03cdReally nice day out! Supposed to get up around 80 degrees! Cool! So, after making the Mail Run I figured that I might as welll get started early, while it was still somewhat cool, and started up my one whack weeder and whack weeded the Dog’s poop yard. Oh, Joy. Think I’ll start up my old rider-mower and do some mowing. Have to do a walk-around first and pick up all the fallen branches from our last storms.

Man, we already have a butt-ton of wasps around here! So far the best attractant I’ve ever found (flat Dr. Pepper) isn’t working. Guess it hasn’t been hot enough to make the wasps thirsty enough; I don’t know.


Wouldn’t you know! Was laying out and got stung by a wasp. Back of my left leg just above the knee. Good thing I’m not allergic! Painful though. Made my left leg kind of cramp up on the back. Didn’t last long. Rubbed some vinegar on the sting and it quit hurting within a couple of minutes. But, still.

Bond03ceDid the walk-around but wasn’t able to keep the old rider-mower running. I swear, if it involves a internal combustion engine I just can’t make it work. Well, other than the one whack weeder; and that took a shot of either to get it started.

Spent as much time outside today as I could. Moved some things around that I’ve been meaning to move all winter.  Started moving things out of the way (meaning: finally putting things away) so I can just mow when I pick my new rider-mower up tomorrow. Decided to take my old rider-mower over to my friends and let him fix it up and sell it if he can. We’ll just split however much he gets for the thing. Gets it out of my way too.

Bond03cfAnd that’s really pretty much it. Still tired cause I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night. Was doing okay until 0200 when the Renter started up his loud damn car and let it idle for 10-15 minutes. Finally got back to sleep only to have him come back around 0310. Damn, he’s got a loud car!

SWMBO should be home in less than an hour. Nice!

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