I Haven’t Posted Since When?

Last Friday? Damn! Where did the time go? Am I having that much fun?

Last Saturday was a pretty usual Saturday. I did things around the house until SWMBO came home from the Genealogy Library and took me on our Saturday Date. Burger King for a Whopper this week. Stopped by St. Vinnies to look through their “junk.” Bought some things at Lowe’s and made our usual Safeway stop on the way home.

Sunday I did things around the house until SWMBO got home from Church. Mowed both the back yards (the Side Back Yard and Back Yard, actually). SWMBO made spaghetti for dinner. (It was good.) Then we just chilled until bedtime.


Today it’s 90+ degrees out so I’m spending as much time as I can outside. As usual on a nice day. Put my shorts on and did most of the whack weeding that needed to be done around the house. Attached the grass catcher thing to the “new” rider mower just in case I ever want to do it for real. (I prefer the mulch thingie cause I can’t see why I need to dump a load of grass somewhere.)

Oh, took SWMBO to the Ferry Landing at 0540 this morning cause her Son is in Colorado (or somewhere that starts with a “C”). I get to go back and pick her up at 1945 tonight. Get to do this for the next 3 days too. Cool! Wish she could quit working outside the home.

Quick-washed the truck with that water-brush thing we got at COSTCO once. Seems to work okay. Would probably be really good with soap! And, no sooner than I finished dark clouds rolled in and the wind kicked up a bit. Figures. (Just enough breeze now to feel a bit cooler.)

And … We’re back. Nice ride tonight. Still warm enough to ride with the window down. Neato!

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I Never Want To Do That Again!

b4Woke up with severe abdominal pains yesterday. Double-over type of abdominal pains. Knew it was “gas” (thank you chili-frito’s I had for dinner Wednesday!) but, my, it hurt. By 0900 I was ready to run a hose up there to ease the pressure and pain.

But, all it took was eating a handfull of cheerio’s. That started everything to “moving” and you don’t want to know where I spent the rest of the day (pretty much) or what I was doing there. Just know: it wasn’t pretty, peaceful, nor particularly pleasant. So yesterday was pretty much shot. Haven’t had pain like that since that food poisoning we got during Desert Storm.

2016-04-29 12.47.24

Got outside today and built a small fire pit out of those smaller manor stone(s) I’ve had laying around holding the side of the yard from falling down. Didn’t start raining until I actually started burning something in it. Which figures.


Then, because I have to see things, I set out 14 cinder blocks in the shape of how I want my new raised bed planters to be. Maybe. Trying to figure out if I want 4 or 5 12 ft beds going side-side, or, 4 25 ft beds going end-end. Since I’m going to put cement pads in for them I really need to make up my mind.

North Mason Amateur Radio Emergency Services Club

old2Oh, went to the NMARES meeting last night at QFC. Almost 6 years and they’re finally getting somewhat interesting!

Anywho, I get to pick SWMBO up at the QFC tonight. Woo Woo! I may even take the Dog with me.

So we be home. Time to get settled in.

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