Sunny But Windy Cool.

bed0cPossibility of rain off and on today. Oh, Joy. I really do need to get off my fat, old, ass and get the roof pressure washed. Probably won’t be today though. Still, not much difference between being up there in the (possible) rain (and maybe lightning today!) and making the roof wet with the pressure washer. Either way I could slide to my death. Or worse!

Which is another thing that sucks about getting old. Way Back When, when I made my only two (2) parachute jumps, I could leap off the roof, hit and roll, and come up none the worse. Not now. Now I’d be afraid to jump off the top stair (of the three) leading up to my front door. Damn. Climbing higher than 30-40 feet is starting to be a bit hairy too. (Which sucks for a Ham!)


Not a whole lot went on yesterday. We were supposed to have guests for dinner; but they forgot and were in Utah. Rude! So instead of ham and fixins’ for dinner we had deep fried burrito’s (Roach Coach Style!) and refried beans. Other than that it was a slightly unusual day cause SWMBO didn’t go to church. (Conference Sunday.) I do enjoy spending time with her. We even went for a walk.

bed1bFairly normal Monday around here so far. Trying to get up the motivation to get on the treadmill for awhile. I really need to lose 50 lbs! If I’d get off my ass and lose 50 lbs I could get off the high blood pressure meds and probably get off that cpap machine. Maybe live a couple of years longer. Maybe. I’ve already cut my consumption of soda’s by ab out 75 %; but I just like food too much. Food! Wonderful Food!

Speaking of which: made a run to Safeway for milk for breakfast (my usual honey-nut cheerio’s with crushed walnuts, dried blueberries, and a banana if I have one) and wound up buying a breakfast burrito along with the milk. That’s me; a slave to temptation.

But, I did take the Dog for a walk. Sunny but windy and cold enough for me to wear my coat. But I’m old and get cold easy.

Gotta rip a couple of CD’s for SWMBO.

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Early Warning Saves Thousands

Just not a whole lot going on around here. Normal Saturday. Nice “Date Day” with my Schweetie. Went to the All-you-can-eat Chinese place in Port Orchard. Walmart. Safeway. Home.


I was asked by an Author on Amazon to read one of her books and write an honest review on Amazon about it. So far the review would not be a flattering one. SWMBO explained it to me though; this woman author writes like women speak. That does explain a lot. But, a run-on sentence, even with comma’s, is still a run-on sentence. But I’ll finish the book and give my honest opinion. That’s what I contracted to do.


Some of the members of the MCARC asked me some time ago about installing Forums on our site. Can’t do that (hosted on, but, I can, and did, set up free Forums on We’ll see how that goes. I’m wiling to bet that, at most, one or two members actually use the things. Still, it didn’t cost anything but a bit of time to set up. And if it gets popular so much the better.

Anywho, almost a nice day today. Way cooler than it has been the last couple of days. Looking forward to the warm weather coming back. Even if I have to climb on the roof again. Which I will. Have to.

vlcsnap-00123 1

It’s only 2030 but I think I’m going to go lay down and read some. I warned y’all that I’m pretty boring.

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