Not Another Manic Monday!

Not much of an anything day. After my usual chores I just could not get started on anything. Took the Dog for a walk and it was too cold for me. Needed to climb on the roof (even though SWMBO really doesn’t like me doing that with no one else home) and continue pressure washing; but just couldn’t make myself.


Matter of fact, other than finally giving the Dog a flea bath (which he absolutely hates and I even let his head above water so he can breathe every once in awhile!), about all I’ve done today is “play” in X-Plane, World Editor trying to “fix” the couple of airports I’m working on, the new Club Forums trying to get things to working right (and people to join), and eat. (And even eating was a no brainer: left over Mexican from our Date dinner last Saturday.) In other words: I’ve been on my Old, Fat, Ass all damned day.


I don’t feel particularly depressed, or sad, or happy, or anything really. Pretty normal feelings-wise today. Just can’t get motivated to get anything “extra” done. I even skipped my usual treadmill walk. Pathetic. I know!


Anywho, I’m gonna go lay down and read. Might as well improve my mind. Tumblr, here I come!

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Things Are Coming Along Pretty Good

Forbidden03aSpent most of the day cleaning up for company and working on the new MCARC Forums. Downloaded a program for monitoring Wx nationwide (or for whatever States you choose). Started the Ham and Sweet Taters to baking. I’m so good!

Dinner with the prospective-in-laws went well. I thought. Seems to be nice folks. Stayed pretty late.

Had time for the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net, an after-Net phone conversation, finishing up some changes to our website, and now it’s bedtime. Short Post Tonight! Lucky Y’all!!

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