Not A Very Lazy Sunday!

Which still started early for me. As usual. I’m just a day person.  Nice day out too. So nice I finally got off my fat, old, ass and moved some more of those cinder blocks from the old garden area to the new garden area. Sort of. Nearby anyway.


But it was a get naked, stay naked day. So I mostly did. SWMBO brought home a friend from church to give her some fabric;  luckily she arrived first and had me put some shorts on. Her friend brought her husband along; he seemed a nice guy. I didn’t see much of her (SWMBO’s friend) cause she was half buried in fabric containers SWMBO hauled out of her closet in her room.

Really haven’t been doing much else around here but enjoying the weather. Moving things around trying to get ready for the digger I hired for tomorrow.


Yesterday was our usual “date day” and we went to “Sisters Restaurant” in Shelton. I had one of the best chili burgers I’ve had in quite awhile. And the fries were top-notch excellent! (Shoestring fries fried just right. Crispy!) SWMBO had some kind of spinach things; which she said she enjoyed. Anywho, we’ll be going back to Sisters Restaurant again.

We also stopped by Walmart there in Shelton and got some “stuff.” Somehow, I have no idea how, we walked out with a bunch of “stuff” yet spent less than $100.

I Used To Fly SAR In This Helocopter Way Back When

By the time we got home it was time to just chill so I didn’t even try to post. Made up for that today though! Boring as it is.

I don’t know why I’m so sore. I moved only 20 of those cinder blocks.

I get to run the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net tonight. Cool! Nope. Everyone reported that I was really scratchy so K7TIT ran it. Bummer! (It was almost a CF (Old Navy Term) getting anyone that was able to run the net.)

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Holy Crap! I Haven’t Posted In 4 Days!

M*A*S*HWhat kind of lazy POS am I? Not posting. Why, I might as well be a member of Congress (or other Government Agency).

Plain truth is: I’ve been reading. Mostly “The Destroyer” series of books; but reading none-the-less. And I’m boring.

Last Tuesday I made a non-productive trip to Shelton. Managed to not pick up either the coax I went for, not did I manage to stop by my friends house to look at his radio. DID stop and grab an excellent burger at “Bob’s Burgers” in Allyn on the way home. Ate over looking the Sound and just chillin’. That burger was good!

Wednesday I woke up with a headache so was pretty much useless all damned day. As usual, it started to go away about half an hour before bedtime. Then, just about the time I drifted off to sleep SWMBO bounds out of bed on her way to the bathroom. Which woke me up and it was awhile before I got back to sleep.


Thursday? That was just yesterday. Not a thing comes to mind.

Today I made the Bank run for the Club. Made a Bank run for myself. Then drove out by the Airport and contracted for a digger to be delivered early Monday morning. (This next Monday. Not the last Monday. Nevermind.) Been working on the Club Insurance for awhile. Checking with a Company in Oregon to see how much they’d charge us per year.

s6aAnd that’s pretty much it. Been working on the MCARC Forums while watching rescue crew’s in Japan do their thing. I remember when I was young enough to do that. Enjoyed the Hell out of it.

Oh, my Uncle called me this morning to double check that we’re planning to go to the Family Reunion this year. Yep. As it stands now, that is.

I get to pick SWMBO up in about half an hour. Think I’ll take the Dog with me. Wait freaks him out though. He’s just not sure how to handle that.

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