Another Nice Day! Wow!


We’re on a roll and I like it! I’d much rather be outside “doing things” on a hot day than inside on a rainy day anytime. I really do live in the wrong damn State. Probably live in the wrong Country. Should probably live on Guam or some other South Pacific Island. (Long as I have SWMBO and the Internet I’m okay with that!)

Worked on my forms (getting them level and evenly spaced) and moving dirt to around the outside edges (of the forms). Moved some rocks around. Mounted my 6-BTV antenna on one of the 4×4 I put in last summer. All my usual chores.

Just got a message from Microsoft about my OneDrive. They’e cutting me from 30 GB that I have now to 5 GB. (Well, not just me.) Still, that sucks. (And, of course, I can always subscribe to Office 365 or buy more storage!) There is hardly a day goes by that I’m not glad I switched to Linux; and now I may just kill off the Outlook accounts and OneDrive all together. Stick with Flickr for my photo’s, YouTube for my video’s, and my NAS for everything else. Have until August 10th to figure it out.

Actually, that would make life a bit easier too. Get rid of 2 e-mail addresses and whatever web sites I have membership to through them. Hmmm. Maybe I ought to seriously consider this?

us4aYep, just checked it out. Not using Outlook for anything but 1 e-mail account and 2 OneDrive’s. I could “upgrade” my storage to 50 GB (for a total of 85 after Aug 10) for $1.99/mo (which really doesn’t seem like a bad idea) and I’d need to keep one account for Skype. (Which I’ve only done with SWMBO and her brother once each.) Hmmm …

And that’s about it for today. Picked SWMBO up, brought her home, showed her my forms & antenna, she cut some roses, and we be just chillin’ for the rest of the night. (My head is trying to hurt too. Guess the prodrome’s caught up with me. Shit.)

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Another Fine Day. Busy. Outside.

Yesterday was a fairly decent day, so I made a run to Home Depot and bought 25 2”x3” boards to use as my forms for the cement bases for the new raised bed garden. Spent most of the day outside “doing things.” No idea what though. (Is that a blessing or a curse from getting Old?)

Still A Lot Of Work To Do!

So, today, after a prodrome (but no headache again) I got out and made the forms. They’re all where I want them and now I get to fill in the low spots. Still have no idea if I’m going to buy the ingrediants and do the cement myself, or, have it delivered and have to do it in a rush. (My time being their money, as it were.)


Started planning where I’m going to move my antenna’s. Started putting the 6-btv together to mount it. Measured the closet and know how wide a cabinet I can get to fit that. Got all my usual chores done AND a load of laundry. Damn, I’m good!

2016-05-04 13.52.40

This is supposed to be the last day this week that I’m to drop off, and pick up, SWMBO at the Ferry Landing. We’ll see.

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