We Have arrived! Safe. Probably Sound

​At least, I am. Sound. Got up fairly early and made the last mad dash to Oregon, Ohio and got here about 1330, tried to check into the hotel (but the room wasn't ready), went to SWMBO's parents house and checked in with them, then came back and finally got checked in here. Stopped by Sonic's for something to eat before unloading the truck. Which took a cart. Really. A Cart.

Got all that done then went back to the Folks house and sat around just talking awhile. Interesting. They really haven't changed much over the past several years since we saw them last.Which is to be expected really. We all just getting older. (Except SWMBO; she stays young and pretty to me!)

So we're back in our room and getting settled in for the night. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. (SWMBO's Mom keeps making plans for us; which I've told her not to do. She doesn't have to keep us entertained! We're adults and can figure out what we want to do/not do on our own.)

Nice seeing  the folks again though.

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Friday? Already? 2000+ Miles Later

My goodness; I am one tired puppy! We started out kind of late today (0800) cause I turned my alarm off but didn't get up. My bad.

Was a nice day of driving though. Except for all the damned road contruction going on. Probably didn't make it as far as I could have because of it.
Didn't stop and see anything on the way either. Thought we ought to get on to Oregon, Ohio. As it is, we won't get there until late in the afternoon tomorrow. Ah well. We're on vacation!

Yes, I know this post is a bit more boring than what I usually post. But just not that much happens when you spend the day driving. All I can do is repeat: What A Beautiful Damned Country We Live In! Driving across it, seeing it up close that's the way to do it. I'd like to make this same trip someday, but use only back roads to see more of "real America." But I can't afford it either time-wise or budget wise right now.

Maybe I can get the Travel Channel to fund it if I film (video) it all for them? That would be a primo job!

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