Digger Work Today. Cool!

wotw09bI really enjoy getting out moving dirt, digging stumps, whatever needs to be done. Probably just being outside on a nice day is what turns me on; but it could be the physical work being done too.

Went and arranged for gravel to be delivered. Then took the digger to my friends house up-hill and dug out some stumps and other things for him. Brought the digger back to the house and, after they delivered the gravel, smoothed all that out. The pad to park the Caravan is now done. (Well, as much as I’m going to do anything to it.) (Nope. Take that back. Will replace the cinder blocks with 4×4’s and then it will be done.)

2016-06-22 12.28.50

So, took it to the back of the property and worked on the path a bit. Pulled one of the downed trees out to where I can cut it up and pile it into the back of the truck. (Then I’ll take it to my other friends house in Olalla cause he has only wood heat. And he’s about 85 years old.)

2016-06-22 12.30.08

After I did everything I could think of doing with the digger, I parked it and called the rental place to come and get it. Waiting on that now.

Crash02aMoved the Caravan from the lower back yard to the new pad. Fits just right!

Not a whole lot going on for the afternoon. Need to go fill both my gas tank on the truck and the gas can for this weekend. Might want to buy another bottle of 2-cycle oil too; just in case. Laid out in the sun for a few just cause I could. Started putting the Field Day stuff in the Caravan.

Well, it’s 1915 and the rental place still hasn’t come to pick up their digger. And after being all anxious about picking it up too.

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Went On A Reading Jag

For the last four days or so. Just felt like reading. Finished off “Odd Thomas” and got reintroduced to an old friend, Remo Williams. The Destroyer. So I (paid for again) downloaded and read the first five books of the series. Nice. Hadn’t reread any of those since the 80’s I’de bet.


Not a whole heck of a lot otherwise going on around here. Couple of trips to town for different things. Back to Habitat For Humanity looking for a cabinet that I need for a project. (Didn’t find one.) Stopped by Ace Hardware looking at their whack weeders.  (Spendy! And not really what I was looking for. Need a brushmaster type.)


Was either raining or sprinkling all danged day so I didn’t get out much really. Didn’t get a chance to take the Dog for a walk. He wouldn’t have minded the rain but I sure do. Sure, being stationed with the Marines for so long made me able to ignore it, if I have to, but being “retired” these past 25 years or so has softened me up some. Yeah, I got Old.


The 900 MHz Net went well and the MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went equally as well. SWMBO should be home in a few minutes and I’ll get to spend about an hour with her before I go lay down and read some more.

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