Oh God. Please Give Me The Chance To Find Out How Hard It Is To Be Filthy Rich.

Got off my lazy, fat, old, ass, mixed some cement and set those posts I’ve been meaning to set. Then spent the greater part of the early afternoon painting that brand new picket fence I put around the animal’s Poop Yard. Oh, the joy. Too bad the neighbors think you have to be wearing clothes to paint the fence. (I’d bet they’re fully clothed to procreate.)

Luckily it’s been a pretty nice day out. Not as hot as yesterday, when I got out and ran the rider-mower around all the yards just to stay outside, but nice enough. Somewhat of a breeze occasionally.

Also climbed up on the roof and re-strung the wires on my multi-band fan dipole. I think it’s about time to replace/rebuild it as all the wires are losing their outer plastic coating. It really has been a great antenna.

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went well. Not as many check-ins tonight, but it was interesting all the same.

And that’s pretty much it. Getting late.

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Yes! Another Nice Day!

Had to go to the Good-To-Go place in Gig Harbor. Asked them why, since I’ve been signed up for Good-To-Go since <forever> I’m getting toll bills, two of which have escalated to FINED status? Isn’t the Toll supposed to be automatically deducted from my GTG account? (Which has $30 still in it.)


Took the very nice lady helping me a long time, half an hour of which I could swear she had me have a seat and wait so she could get something to eat, to get it all straightened out. Sort of. Seems their computer isn’t recognizing my Special Plate (my Call Sign) as a passenger vehicle so it sends me a bill automatically.

So that’s all straightened out. Except I still have to go to Fife (or Seattle) Court for the fines. The GTG office can’t “fix” those since they’ve escalated to Fines. Still, other than the hassle of going to Fife (or Seattle)(oh, btw, paying a Toll along the way) the “charges” should be dropped. I wouldn’t bet on that it being this State though. This is the most Fucked Up State in the Country.


Other than that not much going on. Hot as yesterday was today. Which I like. Didn’t do much of anything yesterday, it being Sunday and all. MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well but not as many check-ins as the previous week. Wx was too nice.

Got out and mowed the back yard and am thinking of doing same to the front-lower yard; but think I’ll wait until the trees are blocking the afternoon sun. It is rather warm out there today. (Which I really do like. I’d much rather be too hot than too cold any day!) Later I went out and mowed the front-lower yard and the Poop Yard.

I should be at the Beach.


Yesterday, my lovely-young-bride, when she got home after Church, suggested that we go over and mow our neighbors yard. He’s been gone a couple of months and his yard is a bit overgrown. So we did until her weed-whacker mower quit working. I still rode the rider-mower around until it got in to grass too deep for it to cut. So, that was fun. It was the hottest part of the afternoon too. (It got up near 100 degrees here yesterday!)

Y’all have a nice night!

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