Stay Your Ass At Home Day 3

Date Day. Was going to go to KFC drive-thru then eat along the waterfront in Port Orchard. Decided not to cause I don’t want to get food from someplace I can’t see the cook. I trust me and SWMBO not to be sick; but I don’t trust “The Cook” to not be sick and pass this crap on to us. It’s a sorry state of affairs.

So, we’re staying home today. She’s off in her room doing genealogy stuff and watching CSI. I’m puttering around my room and kitchen and doing “stuff.” Every once in awhile I walk to her room and give her a smooch.


Im not doing too bad except for a runny nose and my ears are ringing like there’s no tomorrow. Have been ringing loudly for the past 15 hours or so. Starting to bother me. Along with not getting any quality sleep last night I wouldn’t have been any fun on a “date” anyway. (Like I ever am much fun on a date!?!)

Building my Toshiba Satellite laptop up with the latest version of Linux Mint Xfce for a backup in case my desktop goes TU. Setting SWMBO up as a user and getting her Roots Magic genealogy program to working. Seems to do just fine under Wine. Getting her to sit down and test it is going to be the hard part!


I’m using Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa and now I’m thinking of shutting down my desktop and upgrading it to the latest version of Mint. Think I’ll make a backup and try “sudo apt updrade-distro” just to see what it does.

Well, was going to post this yesterday, of course, but I made a change to something important in my Linux Mint 1.3 and the whole thing crashed and needed to be reinstalled. So I’ve been doing that. Decided I might as well “upgrade” to the latest version of Xfce while doing it. That’s been going interestingly.

There’s a few things I’m not liking, but, nothing that’ll make me change to a different distro. So far.

And my ears are still ringing.

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Stay At Home Day 01

The World has gone fuckin’ nuts. And the U.S. has gone nutsier. (If that’s a word.)

Governor Inslee ordered everyone, except “essential” workers, to stay home. Social distancing is still trying to catch on. Stocks have crashed, recovered, crashed, but may be recovering today. Actors keep spewing their socialist anti-American anti-Trump rhetoric.(Like their opinion matters!)

So, SWMBO and I are hunkered down in our place. We didn’t participate in the great hoarding run on toilet paper and sanitary wipes but have enough of both to last awhile. Food isn’t a problem for about 8 months except for milk and eggs. (And I have friends that have laying chickens.) Really it’s pretty much SSDD around here.

Planted peas a couple of weeks ago and they’re starting to (bud?). I think we’ve seen our last real frost. We’ll see. Planted SWMBO’s tater starts. Put in brocolli and cabbage this year. Onions. Thinking of getting a couple more grape plants. The blueberry plants have buds on them already.

Can’t make a dump or garbage run cause they’ve closed the transfer stations for at least 2 weeks. No, I don’t know why. Being stupid. I’m thinking they’re changing a virus for the Black Plague, but, who knows. I do know that a pile of garbage at my house will pull in coyote and (maybe) bear and who know what that lives in the forest out behind us. (Two cans are full. Two standing by to fill.)

SWMBO and made a run to WinCo yesterday. I made us both wear masks and gloves. The buying frenzy of last week didn’t appear to be repeating itself. Very few people had full carts. Of course, the store was out of most “paper products.” Some of the staples were in short supply too but we got what we needed. Couldn’t find yeast though so I may have to buy some beer if we need to make bread.

imageThese are JUST US numbers!

And that’s it. It’s all depressing cause the Media has foisted this panic on us and the Government fell right into line with it. Less than 1100 people have died in the U.S. from this but were in lock-down. Figure that one out.

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